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Stream the new King Buzzo acoustic LP only at Dangerous Minds
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King Buzzo
Stream the new King Buzzo acoustic LP only at Dangerous Minds

One of the least likely candidates this side of Whitehouse for an acoustic phase was surely The Melvins’ King Buzzo, whose name is pretty much onomatopoetic for his IMMENSE electric guitar sound. But the progenitor of both grunge and sludge-metal did just that this year, doing a brief solo u-word tour and releasing a super-limited 10” acoustic EP called This Machine Kills Artists.. The tiny number of copies of that EP that were released online were gone in no-time (I got extremely lucky and nabbed one, just by the sheer happenstance that I took a look at AmRep’s Facebook page right when they announced it was up for sale), and the rest were sold only on tour dates.

But if you got shut out of that release, never fear. All but two of the EP’s six songs are coming out on Buzzo’s full acoustic LP, also called This Machine Kills Artists, which will surely confuse no one. As the EP was accompanied by a short tour, the LP will herald a long one. The dates are listed here.

The album will be released physically and digitally by Ipecac Records on June 3, and will feature 17 songs. Individual tracks have made their way to the public via The Quietus and ScionAV, but Dangerous Minds is proud to be the first to bring you the entire album stream.


Posted by Ron Kretsch
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