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Swedish company publishes gender-neutral toy catalog for the holidays
02:59 pm

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A few days ago Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow blogged about an image clipped from an Irish sales flier titled, “Girls’ crappy fake toy laptop is pink, and half as powerful as boys’ crappy fake toy laptop.” This raises the question about gender-neutrality with certain toys targeted towards the sexes.

Anywho, Top-Toy Group—a Sweden-based Toys “R” Us licensee—has released a gender-neutral toy catalog for the holidays with this statement:

We want our catalogues to reflect the way boys and girls play in real life, and not present a stereotype image of them. If both girls and boys in Sweden like to play with a toy kitchen, then we want to mirror this pattern.

Personally, I think this is beyond awesome and great! This kind of advertising makes sense to me.





Via Laughing Squid and The Wall Street Journal

Posted by Tara McGinley



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