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Taiwanese funerals: Miniskirts and marching bands
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Taiwanese funerals: Miniskirts and marching bands

I attended about half-a-dozen funerals before I was twelve years of age. To my young mind, they were all the same, dreary and cold, under slate-grey, rainy skies, which made me think that when my time comes, I’d like to be sent off by Viking long boat, set aflame on chilled northern waters. As you can tell, I was greatly influenced by the Kirk Douglas/Tony Curtis film The Vikings, and I’d decided it was either longship, or die like Ragnar (Ernest Borgnine), thrown into a pit to wrestle with starving wolves. Ah yes, a Viking’s funeral was my plan. But now, having seen these funerals from Taiwan, I may just change my future funeral arrangements.

Taiwanese funerals are certainly loud and cheerful, and make a change from the traditional damp-eyed family and friends pretending they actually liked you. It’s just a pity one has to die before enjoying such an exuberant send-off.

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Posted by Paul Gallagher
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