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TechCrunch’s abrupt about face on Facebook: ‘They HAVE decreased page reach’
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I read with some sense of satisfaction—not to mention amusement—”Facebook Has Decreased Page Reach, And Here’s Why” on TechCrunch this morning.

Hadn’t TechCrunch, just last week, in a dig at my own viral FACEBOOK: I WANT MY FRIENDS BACK post, declared that what every single admin of a Facebook fan page knows to be true, to just be a bunch of bullshit, in an article titled “Killing Rumors With Facts: No, Facebook Didn’t Decrease Page Feed Reach To Sell More Promoted Posts”?

The article’s “rumor killing” take on the matter? Facebook aren’t turning the volume down on your audience reach, sillies. They’re just trying to cut down on spam!

The author of said article, Josh Constine, knew this because a couple of Facebook PR flacks told him so. Poor Josh was gifted with several super harsh comments for his unimpressive efforts at pretending to be a journalist. I had my own fun at his expense. Now Constine’s own publication is calling him to task, in a TechCrunch guest post by Robin Grant, the Global Managing Director of We Are Social, a social-media agency with offices around the world:

Despite what you might have been told to the contrary by Josh Constine in these very pages last week, I’m here to tell you that yes, Facebook has decreased page reach.

In fact, since the end of August there has been a precipitous drop in reach across pages of all sizes. Despite complaining about a “lack of hard data”, Josh neglected both first hand reports of Facebook telling agencies who manage large numbers of pages for clients that they were going to experience a large drop in reach, and data clearly showing this drop from at least three independent sources – Facebook page analytics provider EdgeRank Checker, the head of social measurement at WPP’s Team Detroit and a study conducted by us here at We Are Social in conjunction with Socialbakers.

But as Josh himself said, “When people make big claims like this, don’t just assume they’re right. Demand to see scientific evidence.”

TechCruch has all the gory scientific evidence—and “facts” not supplied by Facebook public relations execs—that you’ll need to form your own opinions…

TechCruch’s abrupt volte-face this morning on Facebook’s promoted post flap should be seen as significant. It’s yet another in a series of disastrous—and wholly self-inflicted—public relations shitstorms Facebook has been embroiled in the past few weeks.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: This is one of the stupidest mistakes a major corporation has ever made. Epic. It’s the Ben-Hur of corporate fuck-ups.

Name one other major commercial enterprise in history that has SO MANY passionate “stakeholders” who feel so wronged, pissed-off and betrayed?

It can’t be done. This is unprecedented ineptitude, writ very, very large.  People who organize church bake sales are starting to hate Facebook now. When will they make a serious effort to staunch the bleeding?

The way Facebook has managed the furor over “promoted posts” thus far makes the music industry’s abject failures of the past decade look… positively visionary!

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Posted by Richard Metzger



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