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The incomparable James Jamerson: isolated
08:20 pm


Marvin Gaye
James Jamerson

Motown bass deity James Jamerson had more talent and soul in one finger than in any of his peers’ standard ten. Literally. He was known amongst his colleagues as “the hook” for his single digit yet fluid as a river plucking. He also never changed his strings or messed with the controls on his instrument. Everything simply turned up to ten. I mean to feature a few isolated tracks from some of his best known sessions which are new to me and as delightful to listen to as you might imagine but I had to lead off with this widely seen but marvelous clip of our man backing Marvin Gaye in 1973:

And the studio version, Jamerson’s stellar track isolated :

plus a couple more for good fun’s sake :


Posted by Brad Laner
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