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The Caribbean - Discontinued Perfume
11:13 am


Brad Laner
The Caribbean

The Caribbean are not only the owners of one of the most arbitrary and google-proof band names in existence but are also one of the flagship bands on the fabulous label which I call, er, home: Hometapes out of lovely Portland, Oregon. Their new CD, Discontinued Perfume, a stunning batch of thoroughly adept experimental pop songs with startlingly conversational lyrics (best song title ever: Thank You for Talking To Me About Israel), is released on February 22nd and available for pre-order today. But wait, there’s more ! Here is a song entitled Outskirts from said album featuring your not-so-humble bloggist pitching in harmony vocals, tinkly piano and a possibly wildly inappropriate guitar solo. Like a nosy neighbor stepping into a conversation he doesn’t quite understand, in The Caribbean’s world where disparate elements make for striking art it actually works. Have a listen.

Pre-order The Caribbean - Discontinued Perfume today, won’t you ?
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Posted by Brad Laner
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