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‘The Conservative Teen’ magazine: No, this is not a joke

Oh is this good. Click here to read the “free” first issue of The Conservative Teen, the new magazine for a virtually non-existent audience of conservative teenagers. Judging from the number of advertisements, it looks like this is an untapped audience best left untapped…

The Conservative Teen is written for conservative teens by those who understand them best: Middle-aged Fox News reporters and former Family Research Council and Heritage Foundation employees!

In the pages of The Conservative Teen, you can read about the bizzaro world of teen abstinence that really works, how to draw Obama, and how the government creates poverty by giving money to a bunch of undeserving lazy poor people just so they can eat food! It’s true!

And did you know that Ronald Reagan was our first black president? I’ll bet you thought it was Bill Clinton! Silly hippies…
Here’s another gem, as pointed out by the newly revved up Wonkette:
“The vast majority of people will have sex at some time in their lives”?!?!

No one who reads this publication will need to worry much about that...

Via Wonkette

Posted by Richard Metzger
06:46 pm



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