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The entire town of Twin Peaks sculpted in clay
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Twin Peaks
Bruce Bickford
The entire town of Twin Peaks sculpted in clay

Laura Palmer (RIP), Leland Palmer/BOB and Ronette Pulaski.
Frank Zappa fans among you will likely recognize the name of Bruce Bickford, the animator whose painstaking claymation accompanied Zappa’s music in Baby Snakes and The Amazing Mr. Bickford. Well, it comes as news to me that Bickford is a fellow Twin Peaks obsessive. He has sculpted the entire town in clay, along with some key scenes from the series and movie. In the Twin Peaks-themed gallery at Bickford’s website, a clay Leland carries Laura Palmer’s plastic-wrapped corpse out of the railroad car, and a clay Cooper steps into a miniature Glastonberry Grove.

Agent Cooper enters Glastonberry Grove en route to the Black Lodge.

Norma serves pie and coffee at the Double R.


“She’s dead, wrapped in plastic…”

The whole fucking town!

In the short clip below, Bickford says that his interest in the Twin Peaks story began with the Green River serial murders:

In my story file, I’ve got way over 150 stories in various stages of development, and up in the front corner here there’s a number of Green River stories. I started working on those stories back in the ‘80s, when the Green River murders were still unsolved. Gradually, it became three different stories, kind of a trilogy, and as it went along, when the Twin Peaks show came on TV, I started to realize there were some of the same characters in that, like the detective, Cooper. I have a character in the Green River stories called Copland. I changed the name a little bit, but it’s the same guy, basically.



Posted by Oliver Hall
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