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From the farthest reaches of the Internet:  Zek Nab And The Gnomes Of Looperville
05:36 am


Zek Nab

Who are the mysterious Zek Nab And The Gnomes Of Looperville who play their deranged “new age hippie music” against color-saturated background animations that will have your trembling hands reaching for the Dramamine? From what dark dank forest did these freakish folksters pop up like fiddling fluting fungus? I’ve had no luck tracking down their hour long DVD “Midget In The Garden II” (never mind volume 1).  Re-arranging the letters in their name yields no clues. I came up with Bank Ze (Banksy) but this seems even beyond his wild imaginings.

This is too good to be anything other than what it is. And I don’t know what that is. For once, words fail me. All I know is that as I listen to their music I feel as though a Hobbit has wedged himself inside the creases of my frontal lobe and is poking at it with a small blunt object made of hardened dragon snot.

So just watch it. It’s like The Incredible String Band got inseminated by the Manson Family and this is their demented offspring.

Zek Nab, contact me via Dangerous Minds and share your world with us. We will be gentle. We like garden gnomes… even really tall, sinister, overweight garden gnomes.



Posted by Marc Campbell



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