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The (Not So Promising) Future of Shitty Jobs: Meet your noodle-making robot overlord
01:11 pm

Looks like it’s Ultraman who is gonna be the one to steal your job, gringo... Via Orange News:

A new noodle restaurant in China has captured diners’ attention by employing a noodle-making robot.

The restaurant in Jilin City, north-east China’s Jilin Province, has attracted many locals to come and try noodles made by ‘Ultraman’.

Restaurant owner Qian Hu bought the robot for 20,000 Yuan (£2,000) and believes its efficiency is twice that of a human worker.

He explained: “More importantly I don’t need to pay him, and for a consecutive work of 12 hours it only consumes 3 kWh of electricity. And the noodles it slices are even thinner than those of human workers.”

That’s right, he can do it better than you, puny human. Twice as good! Take that!

The thought of a world population of over 7 billion people being increasingly put out of work by robots—the most menial jobs will be the ones to go first—is a rather bleak thing to contemplate isn’t it? Then again, maybe there’s an opportunity in all off this somehow? Who knows?

Posted by Richard Metzger
01:11 pm
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