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The rarest Brian Wilson song of all: ‘Living Doll (Barbie)’?
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Beach Boys
Brian Wilson
The rarest Brian Wilson song of all: ‘Living Doll (Barbie)’?

Forget about Smile, this 5-inch Eva-Tone flexi-disc record was included in the box with purchases of the “California Dream Barbie” doll in 1987/88. The tune was co-written by Brian Wilson, his controversial psychiatrist Dr. Eugene Landy and Landy’s then girlfriend, later his wife, Alexandra Morgan.

Although credited to The Beach Boys, I don’t think the rest of them had anything to do with this turkey.

“Living Doll (Barbie)” is an adaptation of “Christine,” an outtake from Wilson’s self-titled solo album. Don’t expect to see this one, ever, on any Brian Wilson rarities box set! (It does appear on the Sweet Insanity Sessions Vol. 1 bootleg).

More about the song here.



Posted by Richard Metzger



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