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The Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day
02:28 pm


The Trailer Park Boys



If you happened to read my Boing Boing post on the Trailer Park Boys when I was guest blogging there in the Spring, you know that I loves my Trailer Park Boys and today here in the Dangerous Minds office, we are declaring it a holiday because THE NEW TRAILER PARK BOYS MOVIE WAS RELEASED TODAY.

They say you should never use all caps on the Internet because people think you are shouting, but I AM SHOUTING, DAMN IT, THERE IS A NEW TRAILER PARK BOYS MOVIE OUT TODAY. This marks the “end end” of the Boys as Canada’s greatest comedy franchise finally shuts down for good. I expect they’ll go out on a high note.

The only problem is, the movie is just released in Canada! You Canadian fucks get all the good shit and free health care, too.

If someone from the Alliance Films public relations office or the TPB’s camp wants to send me a review screener—hint, hint—please contact me here.


Thank you Gord Fynes!

Posted by Richard Metzger



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