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The trippy soundz of Tame Impala live on Jools Holland
02:40 pm


Tame Impala

Sunday seems like a good day to post a shimmering slice of psychedelia. So, here’s Tame Impala’s Beatleesque “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” from one of the best albums of 2012, and a favorite of mine, Lonerisms.

This is a tough song to pull off live. On record, it is dreamy, ethereal, delicate and in my experience that is hard to replicate on stage. But Tame Impala manage to do a very effective version on the Jools Holland Show this past Friday night.

This song is infused with John Lennon’s vibe. Same is true for the second, “Elephant,” (with a smattering of ELO and Slade thrown in).


Posted by Marc Campbell
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