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There’s a 2017 Dragon Sex Calendar
08:06 am


There’s a 2017 Dragon Sex Calendar

This is one of those inexplicable things that actually exists! Why on earth anyone would want a 2017 Dragon Sex Calendar is beyond me, but apparently there must be a market for it. I mean, why else would they would mass produce these calendars if there wasn’t, right? That would be really silly!

I’m assuming this was made for shits and giggles. Or is this some kind of dragon sex fetish that I’m not aware of? Or perhaps a lil’ T-Rex on T-Rex action? Bang a gong, get it on: If you can think of it, surely there’s a porn for it.

Thirteen artists from around the world have breathed life into this year’s calendar by designing their own unique and fantastic visions of Dragon Sex. Our artists have been featured in museums, on the covers of DC comics, and have even illustrated the covers of major sci-fi and fantasy novels.

The 2017 Dragon Sex Calendar can be yours for $25 here.

I’ll stick with my yearly Goats in Trees wall calendar, thank you very much.

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Posted by Tara McGinley
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