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This guy collects and EATS old military rations dating back to the Civil War
08:49 am
This guy collects and EATS old military rations dating back to the Civil War

The Internet was built to make celebrities out of people like YouTube user Steve1989 MREinfo.

This YouTuber has developed a significant following for his video posts showcasing his collection of old military rations. What makes his videos remarkable is the fact that Steve1989 MREinfo EATS the contents of the rations once he opens them on camera. Though these MREs and rations were made to “keep” for years, they were not meant to “keep” for several decades. Most of the videos on Steve1989 MREinfo’s channel depict him eating food that is very obviously no longer edible to regular human beings.

In one recent video Steve1989 MREinfo eats a cracker dating back to 1863. That’s a goddamned old cracker.

You have to appreciate someone who is so into their extremely specialized interest and collection, who literally risks his life to consume food which, in most cases, is likely spoiled. When it comes to obsessing over the history of military food, this guy is the real deal.

Here he tastes some 65-year-old food, which he’s clearly disgusted by:

Here he proudly proclaims that this is the oldest spaghetti and meat sauce ever eaten on film. It’s from 1978:

Here he eats some hot dogs from 1982 and claims the beans actually taste pretty good still:

Here he eats a cookie from 1951 and describes it as “perfect”:

And here’s that footage of him eating a Civil War-era hard-tack cracker:

There are dozens of similar videos of opening (and eating) vintage rations on his YouTube channel.


Posted by Christopher Bickel
08:49 am
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