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‘Trump Has A Huge Night at the Second Presidential Debate’: Genius funny new Vic Berger supercut

Once again Vic Berger comes through with the goods. Here’s his latest supercut of the most recent Trump/HRC face-off. I was shrieking with laughter throughout it.

The master’s “artist statement” follows:

After the release of those scandalous tapes, the pressure was on for Donald Trump at the second debate. But the presidential nominee proved he doesn’t need the support of his party, or women, or pretty much anyone else – so long as he believes in himself.

Press play. Do it now.

Here’s Vic Berger‘s take on Hillary and The Donald’s historic first matchup: “Trump Has A Total Meltdown At The First Presidential Debate.” I hold my breath waiting for these suckers… The godlike Vic Berger never disappoints.

Posted by Richard Metzger
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