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This is fun: Watch Mitt Romney’s Facebook count drop each time you hit ‘refresh’!
12:12 pm


Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s fade from the national stage hasn’t been gradual, it’s been nearly instantaneous, except for the election postmortems. It’s like when Bush left office, no one cared what the heck he did next. But Romney, an “also ran” of history, a footnote akin to George McGovern, a cipher for “shitty candidate”?

Everybody hates Mitt.

According to Slate:

The Washington Post’s Caitlin Dewey calculated on Friday that the erstwhile candidate was shedding Facebook fans at a clip of 593 per hour. Or nearly 10 per minute. Or one every six seconds. Or… you get the idea. By the time Mashable wrote about the phenomenon on Saturday, that number was up to 847 per hour. I didn’t get all scientific about it when I checked Romney’s page this morning, but suffice it to say the exodus is not abating. Facebookers are jumping off the Romney bandwagon faster than you can say “MySpace.”

Go to Romney’s Facebook page. Now hit refresh. How many did he lose in the few seconds it took you to do that?

Posted by Tara McGinley
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