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When bad perms happen to good people: Man-perm edition
09:19 am


Man Perms

David Bowie
Full disclosure: My mother gave me home-perm in 1982. In fact, my mother was so good at it (not really), that she convinced my father he needed one, too. Yes, my dad rocked the home-perm with a mustache. Years later, he confided to the both of us, it was one of the worst decisions of his entire life.

PS - There’s an Official George Harrison Perm Fan Club where their motto is “Permalicious. So delicious.”

Donald Sutherland

George Harrison

Al Pacino

Freddie Mercury

Dustin Hoffman

Ringo Starr

Giorgio Moroder

Michael Caine

Christopher Atkins

Robert de Niro (this was for a film role, so probably doesn’t count)

Posted by Tara McGinley



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