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When Jimi Hendrix met Dusty Springfield, 1968
01:41 pm


Jimi Hendrix
Dusty Springfield
When Jimi Hendrix met Dusty Springfield, 1968

What might have been one of those great “lost” moments in pop music history, but in this case has been kind of “half” found, is Dusty Springfield’s performance with The Jimi Hendrix Experience from her 1968 ITV series It Must Be Dusty.

Jimi and Dusty’s duet of “Mockingbird,” the soul/novelty number made famous by Inez & Charlie Foxx in 1963, hasn’t surfaced in decent quality yet—and maybe it never will—so savor this admittedly murky peek at it, apparently taken from a Super-8 film pointed at a TV screen when it originally would have aired.

Posted by Richard Metzger
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