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Wingnut Woodstock: A look at the supporters of Rick Perry’s prayer and fasting event

A look at some of the deranged Christianist leaders supporting the prayer and fasting event Texas Governor Rick Perry is sponsoring along with the American Family Association, the anti-gay/anti-Islam/anti-modern world far-right religious organization that hates pretty much everybody except other Christian white people. It’ll be the Woodstock of wingnuts this August in Houston!

Earlier this year, Rick Perry asked all Texans to pray it would rain for three whole days to relieve drought conditions and halt raging fires. Maybe Texans didn’t pray hard enough, because it didn’t work. Now he wants the entire country to get together, as Americans, to pray to the invisible man in the sky so that he will solve our nation’s seemingly intractable problems! Sounds like a plan to me. Not a very good one, but a plan nevertheless.

This video was put together by Right Wing Watch but it almost plays like it was cut by one of the Everything is Terrible collective. No wonder young people are leaving religion behind in record numbers. I just pray Perry never holds an elected office higher than governor of Texas.


Posted by Richard Metzger
09:35 pm



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