Rihanna farts in bathtub
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Musicless music videos can sometimes reveal an unexpectedly amusing moment of bathos—like this clip of Rihanna apparently accompanying herself in the bathtub to the song “Stay.”

Of course we all fart and that’s why farting is funny—it levels, usurps vanity and pretension, and is comic—and has always been so. Fart jokes are pebbledashed throughout ancient literature and history—from plays by Aristophanes to the Roman Emperor Elagabalus, who kept a pig’s bladder he used as a whoopee cushion to prick any pomposity at the dinner table. In more recent history, Benjamin Franklin penned a letter to the Royal Academy of Brussels, or “the Royal Academy of Farting,” in which he poked fun at the pretensions of European academies and their increasing obsession with the impractical, and extolled them to fart boldly and proud.

‘Nuff of the history, here’s Rihanna…

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THOUSANDS of pot plants ‘accidentally’ planted on city center flowerbeds
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The streets of the Kazakhstan capital Astana City may not be paved with gold, but their flowerbeds are planted with marijuana.

On Auezov Street, the city’s main thoroughfare, the smell of cannabis plants alerted authorities to “thousands” of marijuana plants flourishing at the side of the road. Local resident Mihail Malorod was one of the first who noticed the plants.

‘I was walking down the street when I saw these cute plants at the junction of Auezova Street and Dzhangeldina Street,’ he said.

‘What a nice little flowerbed, I thought.’

But not everyone is happy about weed growing on the city’s highways.

The city council has launched an investigation into who planted the cannabis? Was it an accident? Or an act of “guerilla gardening”?
For years, Kazakhstan’s government has been “working in vain” to destroy crops of cannabis that grow wild across the country.

Kazakhstan’s Chu Valley is twice the size of France and is riddled with cannabis plants. However, although consumption and dealing marijuana is illegal, the ready availability of the plant makes it impossible to police effectively.

To counter the problem, last year politician Dariga Nazarbayeva suggested turning over swathes of cannabis covered land to pharmaceutical companies to cultivate for profit.

Or, perhaps why not use this freely available plant as a lure for weed aficionados to holiday in the country?

Meantime, the gardening company hired by the council to plant flowers have started their own internal investigation into what happened claiming they will “weed out” all the cannabis plants.

In 2003, writer/presenter Simon Reeve discovered how easily marijuana grows in Kazakhstan when he traveled across the country for his TV series Meet the Stans.

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Ash from ‘Evil Dead’ fights Marvel Zombies in this ultimate mashup fan film
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Ash uses a repulser beam on superhero zombies.

Slash/Up is a fan-film web-series specializing in unlikely mashup “what if” shorts like Sarah Connor vs. Jason Voorhees.

According to Bloody-Disgusting.com, Slash/Up are “currently hard at work on Ash vs. the DC Dead, which they say ‘is basically a gigantic middle finger to the house of mouse.’”

Ash vs. the DC Dead is a sequel to this short, Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness, which had previously been removed from YouTube.

Well, for now, it’s back up—so check this out while you can! It’s an extremely well made fan-film, shot for “the cost of a Macbook Pro.”

Zombie Iron Man and Zombie Spider-man.
Quick, before the angry YouTube gods pull it down again!

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It’s safe to assume that the kid who took this lunchbox to school got beat up every day
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They hate us for our freedom


On December 23rd, 1975, Gerald Ford signed the reasonable Metric Conversion Act into law, stating, “the truth is that our continued use of the English system of measurement was making us an island in a metric sea.”

School curriculums were altered to teach the metric system, despite the fact that converting was overwhelmingly unpopular with Americans, who were used to doing things the ‘murican way—not no pansy, pussy-ass European way.

In 1982, progressive agent of change, President Ronald Wilson Reagan officially disbanded the U.S. Metric Board—the government organization charged with “increasing the use” of the metric system in the United States. Reagan did so citing efforts to “reduce government spending,” but really it was because America, fuck yeah.

In 1976 King-Seeley Thermos Company released what has to have been the worst-selling lunchbox of all time:

The Exciting World of Metrics lunchbox!
It’s safe to assume that whatever kid was unfortunate enough to have been sent off to school with this box in tow, was beaten mercilessly within centimeters of his life.

Luckily, ‘70s lunchboxes were made out of HARD metal with a swingable handle, so at least the kid had a fighting chance!





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