Dangerous Finds: ‘Scott Walker smells his own poop’; Trump/Palin 2016; Neighbors From Hell
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Scott Walker’s Campaign Stop In Philly Goes Hilariously Off The Rails: Charlie Brown-like Presidential candidate visits Philadelphia, cuts line to buy a Philly cheesesteak, leaves his trash on the table and has protestors greeting him carrying signs that read “Scott Walker smells his own poop.” (TPM)

‘The video is not good’: Cincinnati braces for footage release in campus cop killing of Sam Dubose: Not exactly a city with the greatest racial relations at the best of times, riots are predicted by some. Chief Jeffrey Blackwell, of Cincinnati police said “We’re just trying to do our best to be prepared for whatever might come out of it.”(Raw Story)

Sarcasm may make you more creative: Practice with close friends only. Scientists think that sarcasm may lead to greater cognitive function because in order to understand and convey a sarcastic comment, the brain uses creative thinking. (Popular Science)

Inside Rand Paul’s downward spiral: His theory of the 2016 primary — that Republican voters would reward a candidate who promised fresh ideas and an unconventional approach — has not borne out in reality. He was once a serious contender for the White House. Now, his campaign is fighting over what went wrong. (Politico)

Trump Would ‘Love’ Sarah Palin in His Cabinet: ‘She’s a Special Person’ sez The Donald. Well, yeah, but “special” with quotes around it. (Mediaite)

Wisconsin Judges Receive Campaign Funding from Party Accused of Corruption with Scott Walker: Four Wisconsin Supreme Court judges dismissed an investigation into whether Gov. Scott Walker (R) violated election laws during his 2012 gubernatorial campaign and ordered that all evidence be destroyed. The justices who killed the investigation received campaign funds from the very same groups that Walker was suspected of coordinating with. He’s ‘the new Nixon’! (Ring of Fire)

Koch brothers summon Koch-whores Bush, Cruz, Walker, Rubio to SoCal confab: The crowded field of GOP contenders is competing aggressively for the support of uncommitted conservative mega-donors who are ready to spend about a billion bucks on the 2016 election. (Politico)

Bernie Sanders: The Vox conversation. The barnstorming socialist talks to Ezra Klein. (Vox)

After Two Years, White House Finally Responds to Snowden Pardon Petition — With a “No”: The White House on Tuesday ended two years of ignoring a hugely popular whitehouse.gov petition calling for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to be “immediately issued a full, free, and absolute pardon,” saying thanks for signing, but no. (The Intercept)

One Email That Proves Campaign Finance Laws Are A Joke: Super PACs and candidates can’t coordinate, except when they obviously do. (Huffington Post)

Dummies for Trump: Donald Trump’s surge is all about less-educated Americans: “Trump’s support is strongest with Republicans in the Midwest, conservatives across the country who do not have a college degree and (perhaps not surprisingly) those who report the most negative views of immigration ...” Flabbergasting, isn’t it? (Washington Post)

In the vein of ‘Go the Fuck to Sleep,’ here’s ‘Neighbors From Hell: An American Bedtime Story’ new from Feral House.

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Knife-wielding nude dude playing banjo subdued by police after two hour standoff
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Not something you see every day or even most days or hopefully ever, if you’re lucky. Neighbors of a man, identified by Vancouver, WA police as Andrew Helmsworth, reported seeing him walking around naked carrying a knife on Sunday afternoon.

When police officers arrived on the scene, as reported by KPTV, they found Helmsworth outside his house, refusing to surrender.

Instead he went inside, put on some short pants and picked up a banjo, which he then proceeded to serenade them with. As seen in the video below, Helmsworth was subdued with a non-lethal round and taken into custody. The standoff lasted more than two hours.

(Rubber bullets, eh? Surely I can’t be the only one hearing about this thinking that this naked, knife-wielding guy is DAMNED LUCKY THAT HE’S WHITE, now, can I?)


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Nuns Gone Wild: Vintage photos of sisters letting their habits down
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I went to an all-girls Catholic high school. Sadly, not once did I ever catch one of the nuns who taught at my school behaving “badly” or “out of character” for someone married to Christ, but boy do I wish I would have. These nuns gave detention left and right for the dumbest, most innocuous shit ever (like my socks being the wrong shade of blue or my skirt being 1/4 of an inch too short). The nuns had it out for my ass. I was convinced they were evil robots not nice ladies doing the Lord’s bidding.

Nuns still make me nervous to this very day…

So to my surprise, I found these vintage photos of nuns “letting their habits down” and even a few of them being slightly naughty a turning point in my appreciation for nuns: Apparently they’re not ruler-slapping robots after all. I could hang with some of these nuns!




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Recently unearthed ‘Dr. Strangelove’ promo reel with alternate takes—narrated by Kubrick himself
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This fascinating footage was posted about a year ago on YouTube, representing the first time in decades, if ever, that it had been made available for public viewing. It’s a promo reel for Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, lasting roughly 20 minutes (it’s broken up into 2 YouTube videos) that was recorded off the wall from the projection of the scarce 35mm reel with what appears to be Kubrick himself providing a kind of play-by-play for the various scenes that are depicted—many of which have become utterly iconic by this time.

It was the essential blog Cinephilia and Beyond who first spotted this, to my knowledge. The reel includes, as Open Culture’s charmingly Strangelove-obsessed Colin Marshall put it, “the B52s circling constantly, refueling in midair; Brigadier General Jack Ripper’s sudden order to bomb Russia; General Buck Turgidson’s wee-hour departure for the ‘War Room’; the siege of Burpelson Air Force Base; Group Captain Lionel Mandrake’s struggle for the recall code and subsequent confrontation with the ‘prevert’-fixated Colonel Bat Guano; President Merkin Muffley’s bad news-breaking call to Russian Premier Dmitri Kissoff; the titular German expatriate scientist’s plan to restart society after the nuclear apocalypse.”

The footage is undeniably raw—considering it was filmed from a projected image—and some of the takes are unfamiliar. This was a work in progress of one of the most galvanizing cinematic successes of the 20th century, and it’s fascinating to hear the flat, Bronx-bred accent of the master walk the viewer through the movie. It’s not clear what the purpose of this promo reel was, but Cain Rodriguez at The Playlist speculates that the idea may have been “to placate investors since the satirical elements are somewhat downplayed.”

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