ONO: Vintage footage of the freaked-out ‘anti-music’ Chicago avant garde legends
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This is a guest post from Galactic Zoo Dossier’s overlord, Plastic Crimewave on an unfairly obscure group from Chicago:

Unless one caught them on their first-ever tour last year, non-Chicagoans might not know of the legendary avant-performance “anti-music” group ONO, who have been at it since January 5, 1980. The original line-up of sound-svengali P. Michael Grego, the dynamic “front man” known only as Travis (once Travis Dobbs, until he had it legally changed) and multi-instrumentalist Ric Graham packed it in at the end of the 80s, but Grego and Travis reformed the group in 2007 with new members after interest in their two obscure 80s LPs on Thermidor Records (home to Flipper, SPK, The Birthday Party, etc) exploded.

Photo by David Magdziarz

While recording excellent new material on Moniker Records, the Priority Male and Galactic Archive imprints jointly reissued ONO’s first LP, Machines that Kill People (which features contributions from a young Al Jourgensen of Ministry) thirty years later in 2013. Now their second LP Ennui from 1986 (which was mixed and recorded in a single night!) is available again to their masses of young fans, who pack house shows, club gigs and other happenings to see the contented freaks of ONO perform their utterly unique yet ever-changing sonic vision utilizing damaged electronics, fuzzed-out bass, multiple drummers, and theatrical vocal ruminations.

Photo by David Magdziarz

In the weeks before Ennui was released, the band was similarly prolific and unpredictable—practicing three times a week, doing performances at city-funded spots like the Chicago Cultural Center, and art space concerts that were meant to be performed on NASA’s Space Shuttle (!)—-but best of all, ONO was actually videotaping some of their events. Original member Ric Graham operated a camera which captured the band at their high-weirdest at Harper College in Palatine, IL in April 1985, a few months before they recorded Ennui.

This 1985 music video for “Ennui” from their 1985 album of the same title, was only screened one time at a local club a month later, until this “world premiere.”

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Manga-style fan art inspired by that goddamned dress
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that goddamned dress
whitegold or blueblack

If you were on the Internet at all last week, you probably saw that innocent picture of a dress taken at a wedding on the Scottish island of Colonsay, which had the improbable effect of sowing the seeds of disagreement, tearing families apart and pitting brother against brother like nothing since the Civil War. (Blue and grey are sorted out, so Ken Burns has a documentary about the dress in the works.)

Yes, is it blue and black or is it white and gold? Your answer to that question put you on one side or the other, and there was little way to bridge that gap. All over Facebook there were countless otherwise inscrutable postings along the lines of “It’s totally white and gold!” The one online poll I saw on the subject showed a 3 to 1 margin in favor of the incorrect position, white and gold. (Yes, the real dress is blue and black.)

Myself, the first time I saw it I was certain it was blue and black. The next day I took a look at it and I was equally certain it was white and gold. So that should tell you everything you need to know about certainty.

The Internet being what it is, it didn’t take long for some creative folks to be all, “OK, we disagree on the color of the dress, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create a fandom for it!” Here are some manga-style illos riffing on the blue/black and/or white/gold dress.






via RocketNews 24

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Bon crappétit! ‘Shitty Food Porn’ is the most hypnotically, deliciously disgusting subreddit of all
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My cupcakes didn’t turn out like I wanted, but ended up perfect for here.
I can’t stop looking at the Shitty Food Porn subreddit, and I’m not the only one—it’s absolutely mesmerizing. I think maybe we’re just so inundated with this never-ending parade of of Instagrammed perfection, we crave representations of reality—even when reality looks barely edible. From what I can tell, there are a three major categories of Shitty Food Porn, though they co-exist on a Venn Diagram, and a dish may inhabit multiple categories at a time. Here is the primer I have developed:

The Failures: This one is tricky, because failure is already a popular genre—particularly with ambitious projects, as seen in Pinterest Fail. What makes Shitty Food Porn failures different is that, unlike Icarus, they did not perish flying too close to the sun. Shitty Food Porn Failures crashed and burned just walking out the door. This is a dish that should be reasonably simple, but the cook somehow made it incredibly unappetizing, if not downright inedible. The above cupcakes are good example.

The Bachelors: These are marked by a tragic austerity of ingredients, bleak presentation and cheap or desperate substitutions—a hotdog bun instead of regular bread, or anything plated on a paper towel, for example. These are often the recipes of the chronically depressed or incredibly poor. This category gets complicated though, as the necessity is the mother of invention. Many Bachelor recipes also display creativity that might qualify them for third category.

The Frankensteins aka The Fat Americans: If these look innovative to you, you’re probably either at a state fair or you’re drunk or high. The Frankensteins usually involve unexpected, even surreal combinations, and/or grandiose ambition. A fried egg on leftover pizza—the ingredients are Bachelor, but there is an innovative spirit to that combination. One could argue it’s inspired!

Proceed at your own risk, and bon crappétit!

Fried egg served on a bed of chilled pizza.

Because why the fuck not

A “cookie” that my dear friends made
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When sex was a crime: List of penalties for sodomy, fornication, adultery & cohabitation in the USA
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penalties for sex offenses

According to this list of “Penalties for Sex Offenses in the United States” published in 1964 by Harry Hay’s pioneering “homophile” rights group, the Mattachine Society, most of us could have been at best fined or at worst arrested and sent away to prison for a very long time had we simply been doing what we take for granted today.

Take Connecticut for example, where sodomy (or “the crime against nature” as it is described here) brought a sentence of 30 years; or in Kentucky, where you could be given a two-five year sentence; or Maine one-ten years; and 20 years in either Massachusetts or Minnesota. The term “sodomy” included:

...a wide variety of “unnatural” sexual activity, with animals or with another person of either sex, both within and outside marriage.

That’s a fairly broad definition, don’t you think?

Fornication in most states brought a fine of between $20-$500 plus three months to six years jail time, or worse in Alaska where you could be fined $300 or given two years in prison. This might explain why so many Americans marry rather than live together—as opposed to Europe. According to US figures 8.1 million unmarried Americans were cohabiting in 2011, compared to 5.9 million (or 11.7%) of the UK population who cohabited in 2102.

If two years jail time didn’t make you twice about sex before marriage, then being caught committing adultery could cost you a minimum of $10 (Rhode Island) up to $500-$1000 and/or six months to one year (Nevada) or five years (Connecticut) or five years/$1000 fine (Maine).

Add to this, your time in jail and/or fine could be doubled for a second conviction—though penalties for women were less being: “$10 to $30 or 1-3 yrs.”

Thankfully, times have changed, but incredibly sodomy laws were not lifted nationally until this millennium, in 2003.
H/T Flashbak

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