Hideous beauty: The ghoulish ‘post-mortem fairy tales’ of Mothmeister
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You’ll need to sleep with one eye open after looking at Wounderland, the “post-mortem fairy tales” portrait series of ghastly creatures by the Belgian duo Mothmeister.

Nearly all the hideous characters in the dark series are holding stiff, mounted animals, as the couple behind these unsettling photos are both taxidermists. “We reincarnate these dead critters into fairy tale figures by dressing them up like the Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter did.”

They state the “anonymous, ugly masked creatures” highlighted in their work are “a reaction against the dominant exhibitionism of the selfie culture and beauty standards marketed by the mass media.”

Put down that selfie stick and take a look at Wounderland for yourself.

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MTV and Danny Fields visit New York City’s punk rock landmarks
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Pop Culture

Danny Fields

Iggy Pop and Danny Fields by Brigid Berlin

Danny Fields has been a driving force in rock and roll as a band manager (The Stooges and The Ramones), journalist, disc jockey, A&R man, author and champion of New York’s punk rock scene from the beginning in the mid-seventies onward. A documentary about Fields, Danny Says, will premier at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin.

In this video from 1994, Fields takes MTV’s Tabitha Soren on a tour of some of New York City’s seminal punk rock clubs, including CBGB and Max’s, and some historic musical landmarks like Electric Lady studios and The Ed Sullivan Theater.

As someone who practically lived at CBGB and Max’s in their heydays, Danny Fields was an omnipresent source of rock and roll energy and enthusiasm, as essential to the scene as the musicians, club owners and booking agents who helped make the scene happen. 

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How a pre-fame Steve Martin and bachelorette duped ‘The Dating Game’ into a romantic Tijuana getaway
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Steve Martin
game shows

In this adorable 1968 clip from The Dating Game, a very young and dashing Steve Martin competes against two other (super creepy) bachelors for the affection of sweet Marsha Walker, the real-life sister of Martin’s childhood friend, Morris Walker.

At this time Martin was a comedy writer for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and had already made a couple of appearances on The Dating Game. Using his clout as a writer, he was able to convince Dating Game producers to bring his “long lost” friend, Marsha, onto the program; the idea being that she wouldn’t know that one of the bachelors was, in actuality, her old friend, Steve.

Of course, Marsha Walker was indeed aware of Bachelor Number One’s identity in advance. The two had gotten together and planned possible questions according to Morris Walker’s book, Steve Martin: The Magic Years:

This was a great opportunity for a professional comedy writer like Steve to write some great material. Steve and Marsha got together and came up with some hilarious questions and answers.

Marsha asks the stumped Bachelor Number Three,“If you were a holiday, how would you like to be celebrated?” When he thoroughly drops the ball, Marsha quickly redirects the question to Steve who responds, “I’ve always had a great respect for Arbor Day. I’d love to be Arbor Day and be potted.”

Another question allows Martin to get in a fantastically biting jab at the nonplussed (not to mention, incredibly lame) Bachelor Number Two.

Considering the vast inferiority of his competition on this particular episode, even if Marsha Walker had not known Steve Martin in advance, it’s fairly obvious the two would have ended up together by show’s end.

Things being rather different in 1968, the pair was awarded an all-expense-paid trip to ever-romantic Tijuana to watch the bullfights(!?)

Morris Walker states in his book that he believes this trip served as an enormous inspiration for Martin’s film The Three Amigos. Walker relates that the pair witnessed a very upsetting goring at the bullfight and afterwards took in a pornographic movie. It being 1968, porno movies were the kind of thing you’d have to go to Tijuana to see. Later, Marsha Walker confided to her brother that her and Steve’s previously platonic relationship was taken to the next level at the hotel in Tijuana. According to Walker, Steve Martin’s “performance between the sheets was as entertaining and fulfilling as his wild and crazy performances in front of the curtain, only without the white suit.”

Here’s Steve and Marsha getting one over on ‘The Dating Game’:

H/T Robin Bougie at Cinema Sewer

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Hair Metal meets ‘Grease’ in this hilarious cover of ‘You’re The One That I Want’
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Pop Culture

Hair Metal

New York’s Tragedy is the world’s greatest all-metal tribute to the “Bee Gees and beyond.” They’ve been doing this for awhile, but man this oozing slab of Grease is particularly meta metallicious.

Band members Barry Glibb, Mo’Royce Peterson, Disco Mountain Man, Andy Gibbous Waning and The Lord Gibbeth are masters of their own Universe - a place where hair metal meets disco and dance floors are roiling in blood, polyester, Aqua Net and the ungodly essence of teen spirit!

According to their website:

Tragedy has released three critically acclaimed albums: We Rock Sweet Balls, Can Do No Wrong, Humbled By Our Greatness and their latest, Death to False Disco-Metal.

That’s four albums so apparently one of the albums was not acclaimed by critics. But really, other than me, who’s counting?

“You’re The One That I Want” is not a Bee Gees’ song. It was written by John Farrar for the movie version of Grease and performed by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. So this enters into the “beyond” part of Tragedy’s repertoire.

What’s next boys? Farrar/Newton’s other big hit? “Have You Ever Been Mellow?” Yes!

Death to false disco-metal. Count me in!

The video was shot at “Our Lady of Perpetual Decimation High School” in Manhattan - the original school of extremely hard knocks. And as the video begins, I think I detect the beach where I surfed the swells of Montauk before the gremmie hipster invasion fucked the scene up.

Thanks to Ama Keates for the turn-on.

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