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Outrageous: Kim Fowley part 2
05:49 pm

Pop Culture


Another installment with cult figure Kim Fowley, record producer, rock impresario, songwriter and musician. Manager of The Runaways, “animal man” and the original Mayor of the Sunset Strip. “One of the most colorful characters in the annals of rock & roll.” Thrill to gossipy stories of Sly Stone and Doris Day; Sonny and Cher; Cat Stevens, Led Zeppelin, Gene Vincent and more.

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Coming soon: ‘Show & Tell’ with Richard Metzger at Cinefamily
06:50 pm



On Tuesday, Sept. 13th, I’ll be doing a special ‘Show and Tell’ presentation at Cinefamily in Hollywood, screening “deep cuts” from my personal video collection, including rare footage of NYC nightlife of the 1980s, Andy Warhol, and Michael ‘Party Monster’ Alig. Afterwards I’ll be showing a 1997 appearance by Robert Anton Wilson and Genesis P-Orridge on my Infinity Factory cable access talkshow. The evening will be streamed live with an HD webcast on Stickam. Watch last month’s Miranda July ‘Show & Tell.’ Get tickets here.

Photo by Peter Berberian

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The End of Work: A conversation with Charles Hugh Smith

Charles Hugh Smith, author of Survival+ and An Unconventional Guide to Investing in Troubled Times discusses why the Great Recession is here to stay, the structural unemployment that will affect many people and the future of the US economy. Plus, investing your money and time in your own life and in your own community and not getting burned by a publicly traded company you’ve never personally visited. Charles Hugh Smith blogs daily at Of Two


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A Fistful of Dub
11:28 am



A Fistful Of Dub is video mix featuring new and old dub and reggae recordings with clips from Spaghetti Westerns—not a mashup but an imaginary soundtrack where cowboys meet engines of rhythm.
01. ‘Black Panta’ - Lee Scratch Perry
02. ‘A Ruffer Version’ - Johnny Clarke and The Aggrovators
03. ‘Dread Are The Controller’ - Linval Thompson
03. ‘Cool Rasta’ - The Heptones
04. ‘Tel Aviv Drums’ - Glen Brown
05. ‘Dubbing With The Observer’ - King Tubby
06. ‘Funky Ragga’ - Dave and The Supersonics
07. ‘A Useful Version’ - Prince Jammy
08. ‘Magnum Force’ -  The Aggrovators
09. ‘Electro Agony In Dub’ - The Grynch featuring Tippa Irie
10. ‘President Mash Up The Resident’ - Shorty
11. ‘Steel Plate’ - Fat Eyes
12. ‘Diplo Rhythm’ - Diplo
13. ‘Streetsweeper’ - Steely and Clevie
14. ‘X- Perry-Ment’ -  Lee Scratch Perry


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Dangerous Minds Radio Hour Episode 26 With Guest Nate Cimmino
01:09 pm



Another fantabulous Dangerous Minds Radio Hour from Nate Cimmino. These radio shows from this guy turn up here almost like an abandoned child left in a basket on our digital doorstep. Richard Metzger claims to have met Mr. Cimmino once, and not even in a past life. It’s disturbing, but they’re so good.

So, once again, Dangerous Minds invites you for another aural excursion with our host, Nate Cimmino, who as best we can tell is wandering around blissfully, sending this offering to us while he was on vacation.


01. Demon Fuzz- Past Present & Future (under intro)
02. Dusty Springfield- Spooky (mono 45 mix)
03. Carole Pope- All Touch/No Contact
04. Johnny Cash- Folsom Prison Blues
05. Gordon Jenkins- Crescfent City Blues
06. Hetten Des- Ace Of Spades
07. Moby Grape- Soul Stew
08. Mars Bonfire- Born To Be Wild
09. Dennis Coffee- It’s Your Thang
10. Dennis Coffee- Sodomy
11. Edison Electric Band- Smokehouse
12. GHP-Rolling Confusion
13. Black Nasty- We’re Doin’ Our Thing
14. Aaron Neville- Mojo Hannah
15- Exuma- Exuma, The Obeah Man
16- Moondog- Moondog Monologue

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