Interplanetary Confederation Day with the Unarius Academy of Science

At some point during 1992, Jello Biafra and I travelled to El Cajon, California, to shoot a short documentary about the Unarius Academy of Science for a Showtime pilot I was directing. The Unarius Academy of Science is a colorful (and quite harmless) UFO cult with their own cable access show, and is housed across the street from both a center for recovering drug addicts and a plasma center where you can sell your blood for cash. A Foster’s Freeze was a block or two away. There isn’t much of anything else going on there. Just a bunch of empty parking lots and an occasional unoccupied building, some threadbare thrift stores and a funeral home. Not to say it was a ghost town, but minus the Unarians, and the junkies, in this part of town, there was almost no one else around.

And to a certain extent, that might be the reason that people joined the cult-like group in the first place: because there is next to nothing to do in El Cajon which isn’t related to gang activities, drug dealing, burglaries, car theft and crime in general. El Cajon’s crime rate is three times the national average. There are very few legitimate jobs for the people who live there, even at the best of times. Maybe to find a little solace in a cruel universe that dealt them the shitty hand of ending up in El Cajon, might be an explanation for the goofy cult’s appeal.

But then again, maybe nothing can adequately explain it.

Much more about the Unarius Academy of Science after the jump, including recent footage of the cult-like group!

Written by Richard Metzger | Discussion