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Bill O’Reilly says ‘You can’t explain that’
06:18 pm


Bill O'Reilly

It appears redditors are having a good time poking fun at Bill O’Reilly in the Pics section on reddit today. Here are a few gems I found. 

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The O’Sexxxy Factor: The Devil and Bill O’Reilly
06:51 pm


Bill O'Reilly

Obnoxious. Pompous. Arrogant. These are words which have been used—frequently—to describe Fox News superstar, Bill O-Reilly, and they are some of the kinder things he’s been called.

He’s also been called a sex harraser and porn-obsessed. Remember the flirty interview with Vivid contract stars, Savanna Sampson and Sunrise Adams? The ones with Jenna Jameson? The “scandal” he “uncovered” about the porn videos on a college campus? Well, an amusing blast from his own past has returned to vex the loofah & falafel loving, mic-cutting Ted Baxter-manque of Fox News: not one, but two porn-related article written by O’Reilly in the 1970s have been uncovered.

Recently, a long forgotten interview with 70s porn auteur Gerard Damiano (Deep Throat, The Devil in Miss Jones) conducted for the Boston Phoenix when O’Reilly was a grad student at Boston University has come to light. Seems like America’s self-appointed moral guardian (who tried to get free DVDs from Jameson in the green room, she says) has had a “professional” interest in fuck flicks throughout his career. From the article:

No, [Damiano] did not think the film was degrading to women. “If anything, I think it degrades men because they are portrayed as just objects used to educate Miss Jones in lustful matters.”

Why did he want to degrade men? “I did it because of what sex films have done to women throughout the years.”

What is the atmosphere on the sets of his films? “I’m glad you asked that. The morals behind the scenes of a sex film are much higher than most of the straight pictures. There’s a good chance you might have to screw somebody to get in a soap commercial for instance. People don’t have to screw to get a part in a screwing film.”

Wha? Bill O’Reilly letting such statements go unchallenged? He didn’t even attempt to interrupt him!

It’s not like the article is all that salacious, in truth, and would be of little interest today if not for its conservative “culture warrior” author. But there is a funny tidbit buried in the article and that’s a reference O’Reilly makes to a earlier interview with Damiano’s great discovery, Deep Throat’s infamous Linda Lovelace, the year before. That article hasn’t been found yet, but something tells me it’s only a matter of days…

The Devil Behind ‘‘The Devil in Miss Jones’’ (Boston Phoenix)

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Bill O’Reilly pwned by Law and Order SVU, gets his panties in a twist

Watch as Bill O’Reilly gets his panties in a twist! This REALLY bugs him. It’s obvious that this got under his skin and really drove him nuts! At approx 2:10 he says something so ridiculous I am surprised he didn’t spontaneously combust from the hypocrisy. Bill, tell us what you really think… And then he pulls out Laura Ingraham to help back him up, and she of course, obliges. It a classic! (Something tells me John Larroquette and Ice-T had a good time with this dialogue!)

From Yahoo News:

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly lashed out at “Law & Order” franchise creator/executive producer Dick Wolf Thursday night. The bombastic host, upset over how he was recently characterized on the long-running NBC drama, called the “far left” Wolf a “despicable human being” whose show is “out of control.”

Sparking O’Reilly’s ire was an episode of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” that aired earlier in the week, in which a crazed anti-immigration activist set out to murder the children of illegal immigrants. In one scene, a character named Randall Carver, played by veteran actor John Larroquette, is sitting on a park bench talking to Fin, the detective played by Ice-T. In defending the actions of the man who killed the immigrants?

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Roman Polanski: No Matter How You Slice It, He Raped a Child



I’m shocked—I shouldn’t be, but I am—shocked at all the Hollywood celebs who are standing up for Roman Polanski. I think Polanski is a truly great film artist, a genius, I really do and I have sympathy for a man who went through what he went through with the Manson murders, but this does not excuse what he did. Towering cinematic great, yes, but he’s also a man who drugged and anally raped a 13-year old child! Time doesn’t really erase a crime like that—or shouldn’t.

I thought it was poor taste when everyone suddenly had amnesia about Michael Jackson, too. Musical genius, sure, but it was the first time I ever found myself 100% in agreement with Bill O’Reilly, I just could not stomach the sight of people lauding this kiddly fiddler like he was fucking Gandhi!!!  It stank to high heaven and so does this Polanski episode. Once again, I find myself in agreement with O’Reilly and even with his guest, the utterly insufferable, Dennis Miller. I don’t like it any more than you do, but they ARE right:

[An old friend of mine, Michael Kurcfeld, introduced Polanski and Miller in Paris. Miller refers to this in the clip.]

Not long after I watched the above segment, I then read an article on the Daily Beast titled Polanski’s Victim And Me by the celebrated novelist Robert Goolrick. It’s a horrifying, eyes wide-open confessional so skillfully written it breaks your heart. Trust me, you won’t be on the fence about Roman Polanski’s fate after you read it. Bravo to Goolrick for the essay. I think it will set a lot of people straight on this one.

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Rick Perlstein: In Bill O’Reilly’s Sights

What happens when a journalist runs afoul of shrill Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly and his marauding army of right wing viewers? Rick Perlstein found out when Newsweek published his think piece on Sarah Palin’s future in the Republican Party. Even before O’Reilly’s show ended that night, Rick’s inbox filled up with hateful and ignorant emails. Rick’s original piece is here and his post-Factor essay on the results is here. Rick Perlstein is the author of Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America.

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