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Lovely photos from the annual Blessing Of The Animals
04:10 pm


Blessing Of The Animals

These photos from this weekend’s annual Blessing of The Animals at the Cathedral of Saint John The Divine in New York City make my heart feel full. As a human being, Priests scare the shit out of me, but the pigs, llamas, doggies, turtles and various strange and beautiful creatures seem to be very calm and happy at this event celebrating St. Francis of Assisi’s teachings on the interrelationship between all living things.

There’s a part of me that feels it is a form of human chauvinism and arrogance to think that animals need our blessings (we could probably use theirs), but I’m willing to cut humanity some slack when I encounter something like these photos. There’s a spirit of good will in them that can’t be denied. And I’m all for advocating good relations between all Goddess’s creatures.

For more photos visit the Gothamist’s website.
Photos by Katie Sokoler via the Gothamist


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