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300 Kate Bush imitators re-enact ‘Wuthering Heights’ video!

Shambush! theater troupe gathered 300 volunteers in Stanmer Park, Brighton, England, on Saturday to re-enact Kate Bush’s pop promo “Wuthering Heights.”

The event called “The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience,” was part of the Brighton Festival Fringe, where Shambush! aimed to set a new world record for the number of Kate Bush look-a-likes performing the hit song in one place.

Shambush! describe themselves as:

...a ludicrous troupe of performers. Shambush! specialise in creating immersive, theatrical encounters, performance spaces and nonsensical events.

Brighton’s main newspaper The Argus reported on the event:

The bizarre sight of hundreds of men and women in red dresses, long black wigs and bright lipstick took many visitors to Stanmer Park on Saturday by surprise.

The Fringe event, organised by performance group Shambush, saw fans of the 80s icon spend the sunny afternoon practicing the dance moves before breaking the record.

More pictures and video from The Argus here.

Hire Shambush! for your event here and follow on Facebook here.

Below is a video of rehearsals for “The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience.”

With thanks to Norn Cutson!

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Headline of the Day: ‘Bearded Woman Attacked At Crucifixion’

‘Bearded Woman Attacked At Crucifixion’ may sound like a bogus, but this incredible headline comes from a rather bizarre story in the Brighton Argus:

A beard-wearing woman was attacked as she crucified Jesus.

The crime of Passion took place as the woman played a priest during the open air retelling of the Easter story.

Jeanie Civil’s attacker ripped her beard from her face and punched her during a performance of The Passion of Christ in Brighton on Easter Sunday

He yelled “Shame on you!” before Mrs Civil’s fellow cast members, dressed as soldiers, held him back.

He was bundled into a police car.

About 1,000 people were watching Mrs Civil playing Joseph Caiaphas in the grounds of St Peter’s Church when the man jumped up and attacked.

Yesterday Mrs Civil said: “He was hooded. He leapt up and punched me.

“He then pulled my beard from my face. It really hurt and it was very shocking.”

Mrs Civil – a psychologist, psychotherapist and author – said she wondered if the man was an ardent Christian who disliked her character’s actions towards the saviour.

We hope Mrs. Civil has recovered from the assault.

Full story here. Photograph Damian Barr.
With thanks to Ben Marlowe


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‘Shadow Play’ and ‘Happy Homes’: Powerful new work by artist Sig Waller

Artist Sig Waller has been very busy with 2 excellent new projects, Shadow Play and Happy Homes, both of which will form part of a new exhibition to be held later this month.

Sig’s latest work has been inspired by a 1950s book called “Happy Homes”, which is described on its frontispiece as “an indispensable guide to housewives and home lovers everywhere.”

Sig has sabotaged the book’s illustrations creating a humorous and pointed critique of the prescribed roles for women within the home. Shadow Play presents an unsettling cartoon figure manipulating a 1950’s housewife (excitedly frothing at the mouth with toothpaste?) through a series of household chores. While Happy Homes is bleaker and more critically of the enforced relationships between women and home, where objects objects and electrical goods take on a controlling, religious, almost sexual and menacing quality, with the figures isolated in darkened voids on blood soaked floors. The images are like stills from a David Lynch movie, but far more potent and disturbing, each creating their own narrative that leaves the viewer unsettled.

Shadow Play will form part of an exhibition called Happy Homes, which will feature work by Sig Waller and Chris Shaw Hughes. Here’s the blurb:

Family life tends to be portrayed as blissful, idyllic and safe, but reality often tells a different story.

In this show, Hughes and Waller explore the dark circumference of the family circle, exposing the crumbling façade and the unseen stories behind the saccharine smiles that stare out at us from family albums or media and advertising photography. What lies beneath this apparent perfection?

‘Happy Homes’ explores these boundaries, the everyday secrets that families seek to contain and withhold. Found imagery is given new meaning, reality is warped and altered – or is it?

They say “the camera never lies”, but the power of the photographed image lies in its ability to conceal or to contain both truth and falsehood. On closer inspection, the ordinary almost always becomes extraordinary.

Happy Homes opens on January 25th-February 17th, 2013, at Krefeld, 35 Blumen eV - Blumenstrasse 35 47799 Krefeld. More details here.

Shadow Play and Happy Homes on the Sig Waller site and on Facebook and Tumblr.
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Sig Waller: ‘Our capacity for cruelty and suffering is timeless, as is our ability to look away’

More of Sig Waller’s ‘Happy Homes’, after the jump….

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Sig Waller: ‘Our capacity for cruelty and suffering is timeless, as is our ability to look away’

Parlour Games is a series of stunning pen drawings by artist Sig Waller.

‘The drawings are based on some sixteenth century engravings called Theatrum Crudelitatum (Theater of Cruelty),’ Waller tells Dangerous Minds.

‘I’ve appropriated some of the imagery and drawn directly onto antimacassars and napkins. These cloths are generally used to wipe away and protect from grease and dirt and in this sense the series is about denial (personal or societal). Our capacity for cruelty and suffering is timeless, as is our ability to look away.

Waller studied Fine Art & Art History at London’s Goldsmiths College, before moving to Berlin, where she started her career as an artist under the alias Sig Waller’s paintings explore “the dark borders of our culture of excess, drawing attention to human destructiveness, human frailty and the delicate balance of life on Earth.”

Now based in Berlin and Brighton, Sig is planning her next artistic collaboration with her dead grandmother (using some of her sewing) and writing a book The Day the Women Stopped Listening.

See more of Parlour Games and Sig Waller’s brilliant work here.
More of Sig’s superb ‘Parlour Games’, after the jump…

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Nick Cave assistant to the fire-juggling unicyclist?

Nick Cave assistant to the fire-juggling unicyclist?

Mr. Cave lends a hand to a German unicycling, fire-juggler, on the New Road, Brighton.
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Via @BrightonArgusJo

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