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‘Ray’s Male Heterosexual Dance Hall’
12:22 pm


Fred Willard
Bryan Gordon

Bryan Gordon’s metaphor-laden Oscar-winning 1987 comedy short, Ray’s Male Heterosexual Dance Hall, reflects the go-go Reagan 80s back to us, as perfect a time-capsule piece of “the era of style over substance” as Oliver Stone’s Wall Street was…

From Sabotage Times:

“A meditation of the manoeuvrings of the corporate world in the 1980′s, the film satirizes the lifestyles of the ostensible successful in a nation obsessed with Gordon Gecko-style business moguls. Full of brilliant lines that highlight the duplicitous nature of the board room and its meaningless double talk, all delivered whilst middle-aged men in suits dance hand in hand. Gordon has gone on to direct episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Office but thanks to the wonders of the Internet its possible to view his only film project in full on YouTube. It also features a cameo from Fred Willard if you needed further convincing to go and watch it immediately.”

Stop, you had me at Fred Willard… You’ll see several other now-famous faces, too, in Ray’s Male Heterosexual Dance Hall.

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