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Arm tattoo looks like you’re shooting a camera
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My first initial response to this Pentax K1000 SLR tattoo by artist Helma van der Weide was “Oh, wow! That’s kinda clever.” 

Then after a few seconds, I realized it’s permanent and the “owner” is always going to have to hold her arm in front of her face like that for the rest of her life so that people get the joke…

Via Laughing Squid

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Ali MacGraw sells the Polaroid Swinger, from 1965

The Polaroid Swinger was one of the cutest cameras ever made. It was also the first inexpensive instant camera at only $19.95. Add to this its beautiful, sleek design, with built-in flashgun and its ‘YES’/‘NO’ function in the view-finder, allowing users to know when the exposure was set, all ensured it was one of the biggest selling cameras of all time.

Before finding fame in Love Story, a young Ali MacGraw makes an early appearance in this advert for the Polaroid Swinger, from 1965.

Bonus poster, ‘Meet the Swinger’, after the jump…
With thanks to Neil McDonald

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