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Obama Vs. Romney: The Remix! (NSFW)

President Obama to fist Donald Trump if re-elected??? And Mitt Romney wants to shoot women in the head??? Really? Well only according to this comedy mash-up by Cassetteboy, a duo who are best known for their cut-and-paste comedy edits of politicians, royalty and the media. Here Cassetteboy takes comic aim at the US Presidential Elections, remixing the recent televised debates.


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Cassetteboy vs. The Diamond Queen

Celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee of HMQ start this weekend in Britain, and the duo behind Cassetteboy have delivered a fine piece of juvenile piss-takery at the expense of Her Majesty the Queen, the Royal Family, the British Prime Minister(s), the BBC and its presenter Andrew Marr.

Puerile, silly, and full of cheap innuendo, Cassetteboy have excelled themselves.  However, not everyone is happy, as allegedly the BBC has had this little gem removed form You Tube. As Cassetteboy explains:

‘If you’re interested, here’s what happened: Our video was removed by youtube after a copyright claim by the BBC. We then deleted the vid…’

Now you know, so, catch it while you can.

We say more power to Cassetteboy. And less to the killjoys.

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Cassetteboy vs. The News
01:12 pm


BBC News

Cassetteboy “are a double act who edit footage they’ve nicked off the telly”. Famed for their cleverly edited piss-takes of such odious people as the BNP’s Nick Griffin, and spoofs of The Apprentice, and for making Gordon Brown swear. Now, Cassetteboy take on the BBC News with childish glee, in this short clip made form 15 editions of the Beeb’s flagship 6 O’Clock News from January 2012.


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