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Hear the ‘Ziggy Stardust’ orchestral remix made but not used for Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ videogame

This morning Dangerous Minds pal Chris Holmes (he’s been all over the media recently with his “Anti-Paparazzi” clothing line) sent over the Soundcloud files of a couple of the “Ziggy Stardust” remixes produced, but ultimately not used, for Disney’s Fantasia videogame.

Although the remixes are simply wonderful as heard here, when Chris demoed the songs for me in his studio, he showed me his innovative idea for the game, which would have allowed the player to “parallel remix” (or “conduct”) the song on the fly, as with Ableton Live, or a similar program.

The idea for the remixes was to create fourteen separate remixes simultaneously in Ableton, and then have all of those tracks available in groups (drums, lead lines, strings, vocals, guitars) available to the user in the game to make their own remix each time they play the game.  I think the concept of parallel remixing has a lot of potential in the VR, webspace, and future Oculus like worlds where users actions determine the how the music develops. It’s been sitting on my hard drive for almost two years now. The remixes turned out great, but I think the most important thing is turning people on to the concept of parallel remixing.

You could strip it down to the original version at any point or to a totally acoustic version, or go totally orchestral. These mixes have elements of each. It was very difficult because the timing had to remain in time with the original Bowie song which speeds up and slows down around 15 bpm over the course of the song.  It would be far easier to do it with a consistent bpm.



This is the second version of our Fantasia “parallel remix” of “Ziggy Stardust.” This one is more electro dubstep, playing the game you can morph between any of the mixes and make your own using the game controller.



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David Lynch Foundation Television’s portrait of occult filmmaker Brian Butler

Brian Butler’s collaboration with actress Paz de la Huerta, “Babalon Working” premiered last month at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) here in Los Angeles. It was shot on location in Prague at the site where sixteenth-century alchemist Edward Kelly worked the Enochian system of magick. Blondie’s Chris Stein provided the no-wave synthesizer soundtrack.

“It’s between a dream and being awake. It’s a state just between those two. And if you can stay there, then you can channel something otherworldly, nonhuman,” says Butler of his hypnagogic cinematic practices.

Brian Butler’s “Babalon Working” on MOCAtv

After the short film was screened, there was a ritualistic performance art piece. Paz de la Huerta sat in a chair that was itself a work of art, facing the audience, making direct eye contact and sort of writhing and undulating around slowly, touching herself in a kind of sexy yet insane way that would be difficult to describe in any more detail than that. Extremely powerful strobe lights flashed around her.

Ashtar Command’s Chris Holmes did his Eno-thing on a laptop while Brian made stomach-churning low frequency oscillations on an analog synth. Then it was over.

Oddisee Films, in conjunction with David Lynch Foundation Television, have produced a portrait of Butler where he describes his meditational working methods. Eagle-eyed occultniks will note his interesting selection of book props: Znuz is Znees, Memoirs of a Magician by obscure Crowley acolyte C.F. Russell.

I appreciated that. For me, it’s all about the details.

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Heavy Meta: The Daft Mystery of Thom Yorke’s Halloween Costume

Photo via Chris Holmes on Instagram

Rumor has it that it was not—as the crowd certainly seemed to think—Daft Punk who were DJ’ing at Maroon 5’s elaborate Halloween party the other night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, but rather Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Chris Holmes of Ashtar Command in costume as Daft Punk.

Both men were at the party, I saw them myself: Chris Holmes was dressed as a skunk (skunk rhymes with punk… is that a clue?) and Thom Yorke was seen circulating around the grounds—a huge carnival-themed production in an actual graveyard in Los Angeles where the likes of Cecil B. DeMille, Douglas Fairbanks and two Ramones are buried—wearing a Dickensian-looking tramp get-up.

If this is true, I commend these gentlemen for their beyond-the-call-of-duty dedication to this priceless, multi-leveled Halloween gag. I’m guessing that Daft Punk must have been in the crowd—perhaps dressed as Thom Yorke and Chris Holmes—laughing their asses off.

Second place for best costume should go to Maroon 5’s Mickey Madden who was dressed as Skrillex. His costume was so good that my friends and I thought that it was Skrillex dressed as himself.

Via The Daily Swarm

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Remote Viewing: Learn Psychic Skills from a US Intelligence Agent

Detail from “The Cosmolux,” Paul Laffoley, 1973

Apparently ESP is a teachable skill. Dangerous Minds pal Chris Holmes, of Ashtar Command, writes:

This is one of the most fascinating and amazing things that I have ever personally experienced. Neil and I spent a couple months learning remote viewing with ex-government remote viewers as research for an article/book. This is the real deal, not new age bullshit. Paul Smith is not a sensationalist or fringe crank. This is hard science, not flim flam. He will speak on remote viewing and give a training session to those in attendance. This is not to be missed!

Here’s the details. There are special $25 tickets for attendees who mention Dangerous Minds when they purchase at the door.

The Society, Neil Strauss and Chris Holmes present a lecture and seminar with top US Army Remote Viewer Paul Smith. The story of the army’s remote viewers, or psychic spies, is one of the most interesting chapter in US military history—a psychic arms race going on between the Russians and Americans. Paul Smith was one of the top US remote viewers in a program that shifted between the offices of US Army intelligence (D.I.A) and the C.I.A. It was finally declassified in 1995 at which time Paul Smith went out on to teach the techniques to the private sector.

At the Loews Hotel next door to the Hollywood Highland Complex. 1755 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, CA. Friday Sept 14, 2pm-9:30 (with a dinner break in between)

Below, physicist and pioneering ESP researcher Russell Targ and remote viewer Hella Hammid conduct an experiment for BBC cameras in 1983.

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Scenes from the Dangerous Minds party + one VERY unexpected guest DJ!

Chris Holmes
Some scenes from inside last week’s Dangerous Minds-hosted SXSW party in Los Angeles held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s Masonic Lodge. On the big screen were live performances simulcast from the Sub Pop Records SXSW Showcase in Austin featuring Spoek Mathambo, THEESatiscation and Niki + The Dove. The event was produced by Natalie Montgomery and curated by Tara McGinley (ME!), and executive produced by Largetail.

Seen in the crowd were Radiohead, Elizabeth Olsen, members of OK Go, artist Tim Biskup,  Amber Tamblyn, Jeff Garland, Aziz Ansari and more. The event was catered by Cool Haus, Grill ‘Em All and Mandoline Grill.

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Inside Masonic Lodge as event is beginning
America’s Funnyman, Neil Hamburger was the event’s MC. His act went over the heads of most attendees—say 80%—but for those more familiar with his unique comedic stylings, the obvious audience discomfort made his shtick even more hilarious that night.
A lot more photos after the jump!

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Dangerous Minds wants to invite you to a party

The Masonic Lodge in Los Angeles
As pretty much anyone within the reach of the Internet can tell you, this is the week of the big SXSW music, film and interactive festival/convention here in Austin, TX.

The big names are starting to arrive in town. Jay-Z’s in Austin, there are rumors of a super secret Bruce Springsteen show and the whole city is abuzz with movie stars, rock and rollers, rappers, folkies and even a fair selection of computer geeks. [Lots of ironic facial here in Austin, too, but that’s for another discussion.]

Suffice to say, if a nuclear bomb got dropped on Austin this week, the music industry as we currently know it would pretty much cease to exist.

But if you can’t make it to Austin yourself (or if I just scared you away with my irresponsible nuclear bomb talk) and if you are lucky enough to live in Los Angeles (I love saying that), fear not because the fine people at MasterCard PayPass® and Google Wallet have teamed up with Cool Hunting and Dangerous Minds to bring a little of what’s cooking in Austin to you, the Dangeorus Minds reader. And they’re going to feed you and treat you to an open bar.

This Friday night, March 16th, at the Masonic Lodge at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, you can catch a big-screen simulcast of the Sub Pop Records showcase, live from Red 7 in Austin. featuring Niki & the Dove, THEESatisfaction and South Africa’s exciting Spoek Mathambo

The Los Angeles event will be MC’d by “America’s Funnyman” Neil Hamburger and DJs that evening will include Chris Holmes, Elijah Wood, Brie Larson and TURQUOISE WISDOM.

Food will be served by Grill Em All and Mandoline Grill with sweet deserts from Coolhaus.

Please click this link to RSVP


Hollywood Forever Cemetery Masonic Lodge
6000 Santa Monica Blvd , Los Angeles, CA 90038
Friday, March 16, 2012 from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM (PT)

Must be 21 or older with photo ID.

And if you don’t live in Los Angeles you can attend the other events happening in:

New York


San Francisco

Washington, D.C.


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