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There’s a Cup Noodles Museum in Japan. Let’s take a peek inside.
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Cup Noodles

I had no idea there was actually a museum dedicated to Cup Noodles. But there is! And it’s located in Yokohama, Japan, not a college dorm room. Photographer Sam Graham visited the Cup Noodles Museum to show us what it’s like inside. There’s even a life-sized silver sculpture of Nissin founder Momofuku Ando, holding his favorite food.

I’m intrigued by the Cup Noodles slides and by the artistic interpretations on the Cup Noodles theme. There are so many…

It also appears there’s a Cup Noodles factory-style cafeteria/restaurant inside the museum similar to that of an IKEA.

You can see more photos of the museum at Juxtapoz.



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