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Intimate photos of David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly & more from the set of ‘Labyrinth’

A candid moment between David Bowie and his look-alike stuntman Nick Gillard on the set of ‘Labyrinth.’
As Halloween approaches I’ve become more and more convinced that this year will bring a cavalcade of David Bowie fans dressed as various personas developed by the Thin White Duke over his long career. Even yours truly is planning on “becoming Bowie” on October 31st and I’m so committed to my quest to look like Aladdin Sane that I’m planning on dying my hair bright red for the occasion. Now that’s dedication.

My month long homage to all things Halloween also includes watching as many horror films that I can fit into a 31-day period (which isn’t a huge departure as I’m actually a year-round die-hard horror film fan) and this year it seemed fitting to throw one of my favorite films into the mix: David Bowie as the unforgettable villain “Jareth” in the 1986 flick Labyrinth. Originally director Jim Henson was seriously considering at other musicians for the role—Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson and Sting (as well as David Lee Roth and Roger Daltrey)—that would ultimately go to Bowie. Henson also gave thought to the idea that the Goblin King should be played by one of his Muppets. According to folklore it came down to Jackson and Bowie and after receiving a handwritten letter penned from Henson along with an early version of the Labyrinth script Bowie became convinced that he should take the role.

As with other movies that have achieved the cult status that Labyrinth has, there’s a fair amount of great behind-the-scenes legends associated with the film. Such as the use of juggler Michael Moschen who was responsible for helping Bowie make it look easy to twirl a crystal ball, and actor Toby Froud who played adorable infant kidnapping victim “Toby” (and the bane of Jennifer Connelly’s teenage existence). Fround actually grew up to be a puppeteer of sorts himself, a natural move as his father Brian Froud was responsible for contributing to the design of the set and the inhabitants of both Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal

Of course if you are of a certain age then you may even remember the massive marketing campaign that produced oddities such as Labyrinth-themed bubble gum (tastes like Hoggle?), a talking door knocker, and a bizarre hot pink phone card (released in Japan) with Bowie and Jennifer Connolly on the front. There was even a sweet belt based on the film that sadly never made it past the prototype phase made by Lee Jeans. The 80s were so goddamn weird and wonderful, weren’t they?

And now to the point of this post which is to show you some fantastic behind-the-scenes photos captured during the filming of Labyrinth (which celebrated its 30th anniversary this past summer) especially ones of our departed hero who has perhaps inspired your Halloween costume this year. In other good news, a new nearly 200 page book Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History promises to take an exhaustively detailed look at every aspect of the film from rare artwork, concept sketches and equally rare photos taken on the set. You can pre-order it here. So in lieu of what wonders the book will reveal I hope you enjoy looking through the images in this post as well as a video of Bowie as “Jareth” and juggler Michael Moschen trying to make Bowie look like he can do mystical things with crystal balls that follows.

David Bowie as ‘Jareth (aka, ‘The Goblin King’ the star of the 1986 film, ‘Labyrinth.

Jareth and ‘Baby Toby.’

35mm contact sheet from ‘Labyrinth.
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One-of-a-kind Bowie-fied DEVO ‘Booji Boy’ mask being auctioned for charity
03:27 pm


DAvid Bowie
SikRik Masks

Mark Mothersbaugh’s sister, Amy, recently posted an item to her Facebook page that may be of some interest to Dangerous Minds’ readers: a one-of-a-kind “Booji Stardust” mask, produced by SikRik Masks.

The mask is currently up for auction, with the bidding ending on Sunday, August 21st at 5:00 pm EDT.

The posting, originally put up by Rick Fisher of SikRik indicates that all proceeds from the sale of the mask will be donated to the Akron Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund. You can view the mask in person at the Studio 2091 Pop Art Show

The mask itself is more than just a “novelty mashup”—it pays homage to the close personal relationship between David Bowie and DEVO. Bowie was critical to the band getting their first record made and getting signed. Bowie came to one of DEVO’s early NYC shows, went on stage to introduce the band, and made the “outrageous claim” that he was going to produce DEVO in Tokyo. Bowie ended up hooking DEVO up with Brian Eno to produce their first album in Germany. According to Mark Mothersbaugh, Bowie and Eno paid for the band to get to Berlin and record the album, which was then shopped to labels.

Mothersbaugh also credits Bowie with introducing the band to sushi!

If you are interested in bidding on the one-of-a-kind “Booji Stardust” mask, you should be able to contact Amy Mothersbaugh or Rick Fisher at one of the above links.

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David Bowie’s first major TV appearance, 1970
08:07 pm


Space Oddity
DAvid Bowie

The first major television appearance of David Bowie. Watch as a young Bowie performs “Space Oddity,” a song that was initially thought of—even by his longtime producer Tony Visconti—almost as a novelty record, after winning the Ivor Novello Award on May 10, 1970.

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