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Have yourself a Disco Christmas with Cut Chemist’s ‘Disco Is Dead’ mix
12:24 pm


DJ Sets
Cut Chemist

It’s party season, and as we should all know by now, disco is the greatest party music ever. If you happen to disagree with that statement, then check out this excellent 50 minute mix by veteran LA turntablist Cut Chemist.

There is nothing particularly obscure of unknown here (not for disco aficionados anyway) but what sets it apart is the sheer slickness of the mixing, and the ease with which these tracks go together. Especially worthy of mention is the section from about 5 minutes in which sees Donna Summer, Rinder & Lewis, Silver Convention and Love Unlimited Orchestra slide into each other hand in glove, as if they were written for that very purpose. Then he drops “Sesso Matto” and it just keeps getting better: 

Happy Christmas everybody! 


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Peaches covers ‘Private Dancer’ - and it’s beautiful

This clip was recorded live this past August in Moscow, and showcases the Mistress of Filth’s new dj-cum-live-style show. Once you get past the mash-up of Slayer’s ‘Angel of Death’ (and the bizarre but entertaining dancers/fighters) Peaches stops the set to launch into a surprise piano-ballad version of the Mark Knopfler-penned, Tina Turner classic. It’s heartfelt and really quite powerful. Is this a new direction I wonder?

After the jump, Peaches’ guide to Berlin…

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50 Hours of Autechre
03:16 pm


DJ Sets


Swen’s Weblog drops 50 hours of Autechre DJ sets, downloadable for free from Sweet god of glitch! Entries include:

27h set for xltronic radio in 2006

A 12h mix on 23–24 February 2008 to coincide with the release of Quaristice.

A 12,5h Mix, on 2–3 March 2010 to coincide with the release of Oversteps

(Swen’s Weblog: 50 Hours of Autechre)

(Previously on Dangerous Minds: New Autechre album)

(Autechre’s Albums)

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