Words of faith and devotion: Depeche Mode interviewed in 1993
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Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode interviewed in 1993, with Martin Gore, Dave Gahan, Alan Wilder and Andy Fletcher discussing their individual roles within the band, and their thoughts on their careers and music.

As wag Andy Fletcher tells it: Martin is the Writer, Dave is the Rock Star, Alan the Musician, and Andy, well, he handles business and keeps them all together. That was (of course) until Wilder left the band in 1995. Since then, Gore, Gahan and Fletcher have made Depeche Mode the most popular electronic band in music history. This has been in large part, to the quality of their songs, which as writer Gore explains:

“I usually write about things that move me. If I can capture the emotion that moves me, and it’s there in the song, then it naturally moves other people—that’s how it works.”

The interviews were recorded after the release of the band’s eighth album, Songs of Faith and Devotion.

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‘Punk As Fuck’: A film on the powerful & iconic photography of Steve Gullick

‘A good photograph,’ says Steve Gullick, ‘is one that looks great, one that captures an interesting moment in time, one that tells a story, or in the case of a portrait, offers an insight into the subject.’

This is could be a description of Gullick’s own photographs—his beautiful, inky black portraits that are amongst the most recognizable and iconic images of the past twenty years.

Gullick was influenced ‘Mainly by the dark imagery of Don McCullin and Bill Brandt. I tried to infuse my photos with a similar drama—I spent all of my spare time in the darkroom working on getting good.

‘It was more difficult with color but when I started printing my own color stuff in the late 1990’s I was able to match the intensity of my black & white work.

These photographs have captured succeeding generations of artists and musicians from Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Depeche Mode, Foo Fighters, Bjork, The Prodigy, through to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Richard Hawley

‘Photography is magic. The ability to capture something forever that looks interesting to you is magnificent.’

Now an exhibition of his work Punk as Fuck: Steve Gullick 90-93 is currently running at Indo, 133 Whitechapel Road, London, until 31st March, and is essential viewing for anyone with a serious interest in photography, music and art

To coincide with the exhibition, film-maker Joe Watson documented some of Steve’s preparation for the show, and interviewed him about the stories behind his photographs.

For more information about Punk as Fuck and a selection of Gullick’s brilliant work check his website.


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Depeche Mode: Interviewed on ‘That Was Then..This Is Now’ from 1988

In 1988, Dave Gahan and Andy Fletcher from Depeche Mode appeared on the BBC pop interview series That Was Then…This Is Now.

Aired as part of Janet Street-Porter’s “Yoof TV” on BBC 2, the series attempted to break away from the stranglehold of sixties pop, to focus on bands that had come to the fore during the 1970s and early 1980s. Guests included Mick Jones, John Lydon, Robert Smith (The Cure), Joe Jackson, Pet Shop Boys, Spandau Ballet, Martin Fry (ABC) and even (surprisingly) Gary Glitter and Eddy Grant, who were exceedingly popular that year. Shot on 16mm, the series consisted of twenty-two 30-minute episodes, broadcast between 1988 and 1989.

This is Depeche Mode captured at the start of their world domination, just as they were becoming “The most popular electronic band the world has ever known.”

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Metal violinist plays Depeche Mode

I would definitely give this guy a dollar:

Thanks to Chistopher McEwan!

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