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He Ain’t No Joke! Flavor Flav’s awesome cameo in decidely old school 1987 Eric B. and Rakim video
04:31 pm


Flavor Flav
Eric B. & Rakim

Been completely gorging myself on vintage Rakim this week. All that charisma! All that talent! It shouldn’t be allowed.

Even the older videos are all utterly hypnotic, utterly awesome. Highlight of the lot, though, has to be the video for “I Ain’t No Joke,” where no less of a scene-stealer than Flavor Flav himself pops up, moonlighting on a still young Public Enemy (cheating on Chuck D, if you ask me) and pulling some terrific twitching, twisting, not-quite-the-full-ticket dance moves to Eric B’s lead-heavy scratching.

Directed by Vivien Goldman. You can read about behind the scenes making of the video here.

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