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Man Machine: The mechanical biology of Fritz Kahn
09:30 am


Fritz Kahn

His explanation of male arousal is my favorite.
Born in 1888, Dr. Fritz Kahn was an actual Gynecologist, who just happened to have a flare for art. His interpretations of mechanized human anatomy are as striking as they are fascinating, as gears and pipes disrupt bodies that have been rendered all but biological.

Kahn a Jew, was expelled from his native Germany not long after some of his work gained notoriety. His books were even burned and banned by the Nazis, with one edition surviving under a fake name, after the addition of an anti-Semitic chapter.

Kahn eventually escaped to the U.S. and continued a successful career as an author until his death in 1968. His work has recently been collected in the book, Man Machine, showing the growth and evolution of his perceptions of the body.
“Man as Industrial Palace”
Vision compared to photography technology
The nervous system as an office

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