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Warhol’s ‘Get Smart’ art for TV Guide

TV guide commissioned Andy Warhol to design a cover and a series of fashion pages with Get Smart star Barbara Feldon using photographs by fashion photographer Roger Prigent.

Warhol certainly made the March 5th, 1966 issue of TV guide pop!



Thanks Charles Lieurance.

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One of the grooviest fake bands in TV history: ‘The Sacred Cows’
05:24 pm


Get Smart
The Sacred Cows

One of the coolest fake bands in TV history. From ‘Get Smart’.

The Sacred Cows were session musicians Jerry Scheff (bass) John Greek (guitar) & Ben Benay (guitar) They played the band and recorded the music. John Greek also recorded with real band The Beautiful Daze; played guitar on The Seeds’ 45 ‘Wind Blows Your Hair’ and played on four cuts on the Uni Lollipop Shoppe LP.

Don’t just stand there being placid
Get into some psychopathic acid
I’ll take you to a place that’s purple and paisley
There’s no problem everybody is crazy
Come on get rid of your frustration
Get into our hate generation
If you are ready…...

Get Smart season 3 episode 15. Larry Storch plays the Groovy Guru.

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