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Vintage photographs of an awesome Halloween party
09:41 am



I know, I know it’s only January, but these amusing photographs of a Halloween party taken in sometime 1960s were just too good to sit on for another nine months. There’s not a whole lot to say about them. They speak for themselves, don’t they?

Now as to the provenance, these photos were auctioned off on eBay back in 2009 and according to the seller, “All I know about them is they were taken in California by someone named Daibaus…”

Well a big THANK YOU is in order to Daibaus for capturing this wonderful moment in time.




More after the the jump…

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Hugs for nugs: Dress your baby as a pot leaf for Halloween!
08:40 am



Brandsonsale are selling an infant sized pot leaf Halloween costume.

This Halloween dress up your baby in our most outrageous costume yet! The baby marijuana plant costume is just the right combo of cute and edgy that is sure to get stares and laughs from everyone.

I don’t know about “edgy”—isn’t weed how you’re supposed round those edges off?

Of course, the predictable pearl-clutching from the predictable prigs is happening. I won’t link to Fox News here, but the dumb people on one their crappy shows had an inane discussion about it to an ultimately boring end. I say whatever, it’s one day out of the year and it’s not like anyone’s naming their child “Dank Sticky.” At least I hope no one is. And most people dress their kids to reflect their own tastes and project their own values—no baby has ever chosen to wear a Ramones onesie.

Brandsonsale have a full line of pot-related costumes for adults, too: There’s the basic-bro pot leaf:

They also offer the hilarious-to-no-one-I-would-trust “baked potato”...

...and the totally racist Rasta outfit. Tell me that’s not blackface—at least in spirit if not in actual fact—but the baby pot leaf, people complain about. Because priorities.


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Graveyard Rock: SICK SOUNDS from Intoxica Radio!
08:28 am



For all of you fellow rock and roll monsters, here’s my ninth annual Halloween radio show. It can be played or downloaded free or just press play below. I’ve spent my life collecting records and horror film memorabilia among tons of other pop culture items. The combination of horror, monsters and rock n roll is the ultimate for me and many thousands of creeps worldwide. This is the original insane punk music.

There is a big difference between some of this stuff and silly novelty music, which I also like and play on the show, but you won’t hear the “Monster Mash” here, ever. You will hear “Graveyard Rock” by Seattle’s answer to Vampira, the Tarantula Ghoul, and many other crazy 45’s by horror hosts from TV across fifties and sixties America. You’ll also hear teenage garage bands, rockabilly lunatics and wild ads for old live spook shows, horror movies and monstrous toys. I even speak into an echo machine. This is something I do every week, not just on Halloween, hahaha), but THIS is the most special show of the year. Enjoy it!

The show’s basic description is this:

Howie Pyro plays the weird stuff… 50’s and 60’s rock and roll, psycho surf, garage, rockabilly, hillbilly horrors, voodoo R & B, insane instrumentals, religious nuts, teenage hell music, vintage global garbage, peppered with bizarre old movie ads & radio clips & general echo-fied screaming….wild, unhinged primitive 50’s and 60’s rock n roll played every Tuesday at 9PM (California time) from original 45 RPM records at Luxuria Music—Running wild since 2006!

Past guests include Kid Congo Powers (Cramps, Gun Club, Nick Cave), Miriam Linna (Cramps, Norton Records, Kicks Books), , Kim Fowley, ? of the Mysterians, Thee Midniters, Sylvain Sylvain, Cheetah Chrome, Tim Warren (Crypt Records), Reverend Beat Man, Boyd Rice, El Vez, J.G.Thirlwell, Todd-O-Phonic Todd, Sweeney Todd, Lee Joseph, Haunted George, Richard Elfman, Thee Cormans, etc.


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KISS rocks out on ‘The Paul Lynde Halloween Special,’ 1976
07:02 am


Paul Lynde

Nothing better exemplifies the “everything but the kitchen sink” entertainment mentality of the 1970s than “The Paul Lynde Halloween Special,” which includes the following components: swishy comedian Paul Lynde, Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch, Florence Henderson, Billy Bartie, Tim Conway, “Pinky” Tuscadero (no, not “Leather”), Donny and Marie, Betty White, Sid & Marty Krofft’s Witchiepoo, and ... KISS!

In addition to being Samatha’s campy Uncle Arthur on Bewitched, and supplying the voice for Templeton the Rat in Charlotte’s Web, Lynde was best known for being the “center square” on the Hollywood Squares, from which perch he would uncork as many double entendres as the format could sustain. He was gay and didn’t apparently seem to care if anyone knew about it, meaning that the home audience could be assumed to be pretty much clueless on the matter. (At the wrap party for Bye Bye Birdie early in his career, Lynde quipped in a toast, “Well, I guess I’m the only one here who doesn’t want to fuck Ann-Margret.”) In any case his jokes are super corny—only masochists will want to sit through the whole thing.

Ace Frehley hanging out with Billy Bartie
Apparently this was the first prime-time network appearance for KISS—anyone know?

Here’s the part you want to see—KISS doing “Detroit Rock City”:

The entire special after the jump…

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Smashing Pumpkins: Impeccably sculpted Halloween creatures
08:19 am



Pumpkins by Jon Neill
The work of master pumpkin carver Jon Neill has been featured in movies and television for years and right now Neill is a contestant on the Food Network show, Halloween Wars. The California resident and toy and prop designer also holds workshops on pumpkin carving and creates one-of-a-kind pumpkins for seasonal events or by request. It can take Neill over six hours to create one of his mind-bending gourd designs, and the results speak for themselves. Photos of Neill’s impossibly ornate pumpkins follow as well as a time-lapse video of the master carving one of his signature gourds in about three-minutes.
Angry pumpkin by Jon Neill
Clown pumpkin by Jon Neill
More after the jump…

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No, Internet, there isn’t a ‘sexy Ebola nurse’ costume for Halloween (or is there?)

Some troll today tweeted a shocking and, it was implied, inevitable idea for a Halloween costume: sexy Ebola nurse.  The apparent price was 45 pounds, as you can see in the image.

This offensive costume idea elicited considerable outrage on Twitter, which is understandable considering that Ebola has already killed thousands (around 5,000 as of this writing) in 2014 alone. Then there is this sobering fact from the World Health Organization: “A total of 450 health-care workers (HCWs) are known to have been infected with EVD up to the end of 23 October.” Three days ago the first known case of Ebola in New York City was confirmed.

On Twitter, user @thei100 tweeted, “Are people really trying to sell a ‘Sexy Ebola nurse’ outfit for Halloween?” to which user ‏@cfly97live responded “Unbelievable.” Perhaps @thei100 will be heartened to hear that the answer to your question appears to be no. The UK website Metro was on the case. It turns out that the sexy Ebola nurse is fake. The images were taken from a preexisting costume idea which is pretty absurd in its own right: a sexy Walter White costume. 

So it’s all good news, right? Humanity is redeemed. There is no “sexy Ebola nurse” constume. But wait! It turns out there IS a “sexy Ebola containment suit” costume, available on the brandsonsale website—it costs $59.99 per outfit.

Here’s their product description for that one:

As the deadly Ebola virus trickles its way through the United States, fighting its disease is no reason to compromise style. The short dress and chic gas mask will be the talk of Milan, London, Paris, and New York as the world’s fashionistas seek global solutions to hazmat couture. Ending plague isn’t the endeavor of a single woman, so be sure to check out our men’s Ebola Containment Costume for a great couple’s costume idea.

Long story short, if you’re hung up on the word “nurse,” then you’re in the clear. But this other costume is just about as bad, so faith in humanity—dashed.

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No fun! ‘Halloween Safety’ video from 1977 is a major buzzkill
09:12 am



Here’s a PSA from 1977 put out by Centron Educational Films called “Halloween Safety” that literally drains all the joy out of Halloween in about eleven minutes. The video is a copy of the original 16mm film that a blogger by the name of Jason Willis, who appeared in the film when he was seven, spent some time tracking down in order to see his fourteen-second cameo. Jason also provides some cool backstory on the loopy PSA on his blog, Scar Stuff. (It’s probably worth mentioning that Herk Harvey, the principal director at Centron, also directed cult classic Carnival of Souls.)

The long list of no-no’s on this vintage reel include not wearing black clothing, not wearing a mask, not eating candy (it’s going to be tainted anyway so why bother), no running, no pranks and for the love of god DON’T dress up like a traditional witch! It’s dangerous.

Previously on Dangerous Minds:
Herk Harvey’s ‘Carnival of Souls’

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Get your Halloween on with this treasure trove of wild 1970s cosplay
11:28 am



I posted these photos a few years ago from io9 writer Ron Miller‘s insane 1970s cosplay-esque photo collection. They need to be revisited again. If not just for the disco dust-era eye candy, then to draw inspiration from these batshit galactic costumes for this upcoming Halloween.

Some have a slightly Kenneth Anger-ish feel to them. Well, Ken Anger meets Sonny & Cher meets Sun Ra meets a contingent of OTO members snorting coke at a Star Trek convention taking place at Studio 54 maybe…

You have your work cut out for you, folks! A good soundtrack for these would be Chic’s “Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsa, Yowsa, Yowsa)” don’ you think?




More photos after the jump…

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World’s first ever cake-themed edible Halloween ‘horror farm’
10:07 am


Miss Cakehead

As grotesque as the above image of a life-size slaughtered pig is, it’s actually a very well-crafted vegan cake made by Miss Cakehead. I’ve been following her work since 2009 and she never lets you down with her genius edible creations. Perhaps you’ll recall back in 2013 Miss Cakehead made a deliciously demented life-size Dexter cake in honor of the TV show’s final season.

This year for Halloween she’s outdone herself with the World’s first ever edible horror farm.

What is a horror farm you ask? Well don’t pry too much because we all know how the curious cat ended up… If you do want to come and investigate the strange goings on here though, you might do well to bring a friend – we don’t want anyone picked off. Those select few brave enough to venture into the woods will witness, gorge, and be hunted through the world’s most terrifying cake installation, and those that make it out will ensure it is THE most talked about scare attraction of 2014.

Now, I’m not entirely sure of this installation’s message since all the “animals” are made of cake. Is it to show meat is murder? The reality of a slaughterhouse? Or is it just a gross-out Halloween attraction that’s not really all that gross in the end? I don’t know.

The “edible horror farm” will be open to the public starting on October 29 and runs through November 1 in Letchworth Garden City, England. More then.

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Captain Beefheart ‘Trout Mask Replica’ Halloween pumpkin

It’s probably a wee bit early to post about Halloween-themed stuff, right? But hey, it might give you plenty of time to practice and master the skills that it took Shawn Feeney to carve this awesome Trout Mask Replica pumpkin. 

Feeney carved Beefheart in 2011 and writes:

Every Halloween, I carve into a pumpkin the likeness of a musician who died since the previous Halloween. The tradition began in 2008, and each jack-o-lantern is carved in 3D-style. Like those represented, the jack-o-lanterns soon decay and disappear, but the artifacts remain.

Last year he carved an Adam “MCA” Yauch pumpkin.


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Notes From The Niallist #8: Krys Fox and the ‘31 Days Of Halloween’
10:45 am


Horror Films
Krys Fox

There are people who love Halloween. Then there are people who LOVE Halloween. Like, really, really LOVE Halloween.

Brooklyn-based photographer Krys Fox is one of the latter. To show how much he loves the witching season, Krys has just completed the mammoth feat of of shooting 31 different photos shoots in 31 days—one for each day of October—with each shoot based around one of his favourtie horror movies. Now THAT is dedication to the Halloween spirit! I sent Krys some questions to find out what had inspired him to undertake this epic task, why invert the gender roles in these photos, and what got him in to photography in the first place…

THE NIALLIST: So, how are you handling Hurricane Sandy? That seems like a real horror movie. Has it affected your shoots?

KRYS FOX: Hurricane Sandy scared me last night. It got violent out there. Our building in Brooklyn was shaking and swaying. It sounded like a monster was out there in the wind. Very much like a scary movie. Luckily, we didn’t lose power. Just internet and cable… and I own a LOT of movies so we just had a movie marathon. Halloween, The Mist, Hide & Seek and Sleepy Hollow were our films… As far as my shoots go, I shot four on my last day, I finished the last shot for the series at 9pm on Saturday night. The subways and buses were already shut down by then (and still are) so, I walked a half an hour back home (with all my props, equipment and camera on me) while Sandy started getting windy. It was a bit freaky, but also pretty cool. It was eerie outside and fun to be in it before it got too serious. So, I lucked out. If the storm had started a day earlier, I wouldn’t have finished this epic project.

More photos, and questions with Krys, after the jump. Let’s see, can you name the horror movies referenced in his work?

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Romney Halloween Mask almost as scary as the real thing
05:11 pm


Mitt Romney

The folks at the Austin Chronicle created a Mitt mask for Halloween. If you’re in Austin, pick up the Chronicle and cut-out your very own mask. Otherwise, blow this graphic up and print it.

Of course, the ultimate Romney Halloween mask would be one you could change every few minutes.

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Kids’ Halloween Costumes That They’re Too Young to Understand

A miniature Don Draper.
Flavorwire has an excellent roundup of photos titled “Kids’ Halloween Costumes That They’re Too Young to Understand.”

Missing from the list: Little Johnny Cash.

“I shot a boy in Reno just for some candy corn.”


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‘Vampire Vamp’: Fred Schneider and Ursula 1000 bring back the Halloween novelty song
12:03 pm


Fred Schneider
Ursula 1000

B-52s’ frontman Fred Schneider has teamed up with Ursula 1000 for a new (and super catchy!) Halloween-themed novelty number and video called “Vampire Vamp.”

From the press release:

Ursula 1000 is the alter ego of Brooklyn, New York based producer/DJ/multi-instrumentalist Alex Gimeno. His five albums and mix sessions have taken on a broad scope of retro tinged spy grooves, bumping Latin disco funk, hints of post-punk, electro, trashy garage rock, sleazy glam…not just a road trip of pastiche but more like altering the past for a better tomorrow.

Fred Schneider is of course the inimitable voice of the classic American new wave band The B-52s. The Superions is Fred’s comedy synthpop side project alongside Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall. It’s on their “Totally Nude Island” single where Fred and Ursula 1000 joined forces (Ursula did a remix of it). After that they continued to collaborate.

After working on the song “Hey You!” from Ursula 1000’s Mondo Beyondo album, Fred thought “Hey, let’s do a Halloween album!”. Well, after some mad lab experiments and a couple of bottles of wine, “Vampire Vamp” appeared! This is the first song from an upcoming Halloween themed long player.

Isn’t it about time that someone resurrected the novelty song from the grave? Are you ready ghouls? Start stalkin’!

Purchase “Vampire Vamp” on Amazon.

“Vampire Vamp” video directed by Tom Yaz. Thank you Syd Garron!

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Excellent pop art inspired Halloween make-up

Three lovely ladies getting their early Halloween on dressed as Roy Lichtenstein, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol artworks.

Click here to see larger image.

Via Super Punch

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