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Japanese grindcore fans do the cockroach mosh!
01:07 pm


Mosh Pits

Japanese grindcore band Viscera Infest have never been known for their restraint. Since 1999, they have offered extremity in gushing, steaming gut-piles, flailing away at already dangerous speeds while covered in blood and howling about some weird/gross medical bullshit (there’s a song on their last album, 2015’s Verrucous Carcinoma, called “Diffuseintrinsicpontnebrainstemglioma(DIPG)Placental-SiteTrophoblasticgnathopalatoschisiserosivegastritisoccultmaculardystrophyschistogloss-
ismyxoedemaempyesisuremicpneumoniasphingolipidosisglioblastom”). How can you top a band who gets their fashion tips from those utterly insane Mexican gore magazines? At this point they can’t get any uglier or weirder, so they’ve taken on an alarming new shock tactic: they keep playing faster. Faster than any black metal or grindcore or thrash metal band ever has. I remember nearly panicking at the velocity of Kreator’s Pleasure to Kill album in the 80s. Viscera Infest make Kreator’s speed metal sound like lumbering funeral doom.

Caught in a (cockroach) mosh
So, how are you supposed to react to their 350+ beats per minute blur-core insanity? Headbanging would land you in the hospital. Traditional pit moshing at that speed would probably cause you to just disintegrate on impact. So hardcore Infest fans have created a new dance/coping skill: the Cockroach Mosh. It’s exactly what you think it is. Just get on your back and wriggle.

These are wild times to be alive, man.
See for yourself, after the jump…

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Japanese noise musicians take over Italian TV to spread disease and confusion, 1997
09:02 am



Hijokaidan live (via Pinterest)
This would have been unthinkable on American TV in the nineties, and it was probably unthinkable on Italian TV, too. One day in 1997, Hiroshi Hasegawa and Mayuko Hino of C.C.C.C. and Junko and Jojo Hiroshige of Hijokaidan appeared on Italy’s TMC2 network to spread disease and confusion with scabrous noise alone. (I see no flying bags of urine on this tape, but I assume that’s because they each left one in the Trevi Fountain, come si deve.)

I don’t know the name of the show, but I read that it’s hosted by Italian TV presenter and punk/industrial fan Red Ronnie. Fortunately, this is not a video about which very much needs to be said; in the wise words of Aerosmith, “just push play.”

Unless you are an italophone, I would recommend skipping to the beginning of the punishment at 2:50. They stop playing for several minutes in the middle of the clip so the host can read comments off an ancient 1997 computer screen and members of the audience can express their worthless opinions of the performance. As tends to be the case with noise sets, the real shit comes at the very end, from about 14:18 on.

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