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Infamous serial killers do portraits of Charles Manson

Charles Manson portrait by John Wayne Gacy
“Murderabilia” is a term used to describe collectibles related to murders or murderers. During the 1990s, which seemed to be the “golden age” of public obsession with serial killers, a cottage industry formed around the sale of artworks created by infamous death-row killers—that is until May of 2001, when eBay banned the sale of such items, forcing the industry underground.

The most well-known serial killer artists were John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, Glen Edward Rogers, Henry Lee Lucas, and Ottis Toole. Though the argument could be made that Charles Manson is not technically a “serial killer,” he is nonetheless one of the most infamous criminals of our time, and murderabilia items related to Manson still fetch high dollars among collectors.

Perhaps playing to their audience, some serial killer artists have done portraits of Manson, proving there are no limits to bad taste.

Here we have a portrait of Manson painted by rapist and murderer of 33 boys and young men, John Wayne Gacy:

Next, we have this portrait of Manson drawn by convicted killer of 11 (though he has confessed to hundreds of unsolved murders), Henry Lee Lucas:

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The Cramps’ Lux Interior posing with his John Wayne Gacy portrait
03:14 pm


The Cramps
Lux Interior
John Wayne Gacy

While he was waiting on death row, John Wayne Gacy painted a number of portraits of cartoon characters, clowns and famous people, often at their request, including Lux Interior of The Cramps.

Apparently Gacy never actually listened to The Cramps but wrote (typos included) this on November, 15 1987:

I don’t look at people has hero’s nor do I write to lux interior as fan mail, we have just become friend via writing to each others, he expresses his view on things and I do the same. I don’t try to change people or get them on my side, I let them believe what they want and then if I get a new trial they will see where I am coming from. But I do answer some questions if I feel I can help them out by explaining it. By the way I have never heard Lux Interior music but I don’t pass judgement on it either as I believe his kind of musci make a statement too. I have hread he was dead too, but I think thats just bad rummor. I haven’t heard from him in a month or so but then thats not unusual for him. I just wrote to let him know that a painting he asked me to do is finished. He has been an admirer of my art work and owns four of them now, not including two I have just sent to him and the one I just finished.

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John Wayne Gacy’s Christmas cooking tips
05:21 am


John Wayne Gacy

Gacy’s last supper.
John Wayne Gacy gives some Christmas cooking tips while being interviewed at Anamosa State Penitentiary in Iowa. Gacy was serving a 10 year sentence for sodomy and used his considerable skills in the art of the cavity search by stuffing dozens of turkeys in the prison cafeteria’s kitchen. His tender and saavy approach to hearts, gizzards and livers, quickly propelled him to the position of head cook.

After serving only 18 months of his sentence, Gacy was released from Anamosa and moved to Chicago where got a job as a short-order cook and worked his way up to managing three Kentucky Fried Chickens before getting into the clown business. A career trajectory not unlike Guy Fieri’s.

Shortly after this interview was conducted, Gacy’s father died from cirrhosis of the liver on Christmas Day 1969. Could this have been the karmic blow that sent Gacy spiraling down the food chain into the murky depths where evil dwells?

Gacy’s last meal was 12 deep-fried shrimp, a bucket of Original Recipe chicken from KFC, french fries and a pound of strawberries followed by a shot of sodium thiopental.

Next week: Lee Harvey Oswald’s recipe for stuffed cabbage.

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Creepy John Wayne Gacy items for sale on Craigslist
01:00 pm


John Wayne Gacy

A creepy John Wayne Gacy clown suit and painting are for sale on Craigslist for “$1,000 up to $10,000.” I’m not vouching for the authenticity here, just pointing it out. Clown suit, anyone?

j.w.gacy items for sale - $1000 (chicago)

Thanks (I think), James!

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