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‘Is There Life After Sex?’: New Art Exhibition and Salon from Anne Pigalle

The fabulous chanteuse Anne Pigalle returns with a new exhibition of artwork, Is There Life After Sex?, which will be on show at Natalie Galustian Rare Books, 22 Cecil Court, London, from February 1st-21st.

Following on from the great success of Miss Pigalle’s last exhibition (at the Michael Hoppen Gallery), Is There Life After Sex? is a must-see show which will continue her discourse on relationships and the important role of sexuality in our lives.

Miss Pigalle will also be holding one of her legendary Salons, on February 14th, where Anne will perform a choice selection from her acclaimed erotic poems L’Ame Erotique. For those who wish to experience something new, important and very special, I suggest they go along to see the Last Chanteuse Ms. Anne Pigalle. Check here for details

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Anne Pigalle: Performing at David Lynch’s Club Silencio

Bonus video of Anne PIgalle, after the jump…

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Anne Pigalle: Performing at David Lynch’s club Silencio

An exclusive clip of the fabulous Anne Pigalle performing to a packed house at David Lynch’s Parisian night club Silencio, where she sang a selection of songs from her recent album, L’ Ame Erotique, and a some of her classic early work. Ms. Pigalle was performing at a special event, created by Diane Pernet, to celebrate the international Festival A Shaded View on Film Festival.

Bonus clips of Anne Pigalle, after the jump…

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Anne Pigalle: Premieres her new show ‘L’Ame Erotique’

Fighting against our intellectual and spiritual enslavement, the incomparable Anne Pigalle premieres her new show L’âme érotique, at the Hotel Bijou, Broadstairs in Kent, on August, 23.

The exquisite Anne is one of the world’s great chanteuses, and this new show brings together an intimate salon of her photography, her poetry, her discourse and of course, her brilliant singing.

The show’s title comes from Anne’s last spoken word disc L’âme érotique, which showcased a selection of twenty-one erotically charged poems, each with their own musical accompaniment. The poems dealt with love, sex, and soul, and was a fantastic oeuvre that ranged from the personal (“You Give Me Asthma”, “Lunch”) through the comic and the Surreal to the sexually explicit (“Saint Orgasm”, “X Amount” and “Erotica de toi”). Throughout is Anne’s richly seductive voice sounds as intimate as a kiss. It’s a fabulous mix, and for fans of the legendary Miss Pigalle, and for first timers, it’s a breathless, arousing and unforgettable introduction.

If you are in the UK, then this is your chance to see the legendary Anne Pigalle at her very best. Check here for details, a dn below a selection of Ms. Pigalle’s erotic photographs.

A selection of Anne Pigalle’s erotic photographs, after the jump…
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‘L’Amerotica’: The return of the brilliant Anne Pigalle


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L’Histoire D’Anne Pigalle

Anne Pigalle weaves her magic in this short biographical film, L’Histoire D’Anne Pigalle.

Made in 2001, during a point when the legendary chanteuse was re-examining her life, the film looks back on her creative life, from childhood through first bands, to the release of her classic debut album Everything Could Be So Perfect in 1985, to her slow disillusionment, as she questioned the value of her fame and success.

Since making L’Histoire D’Anne Pigalle, Anne has established herself as a multi-media artist, mixing art, photography and painting, with live performance. Last year, Ms Pigalle made a triumphant return to the top of the tree with her beautiful and spell-binding album L’âmerotica Part I and II, which was quickly followed-up earlier this year, with the stunning L’âme érotique.

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‘L’âmerotica’: The Return of the Brilliant Anne Pigalle


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