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Wonder Woman vs. Kiss

Lynda Carter’s rock and roll fantasy from her 1980 TV special Encore.

I find this an almost perfect collision of pop culture iconography that could have only existed in the era of spandex, platform shoes, disco balls and hairspray - twixt the end of the punkish 70s and the dawning of the gloriously absurd 80s.

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Wonder Woman Sculpted From Wonder Bread
02:53 pm


Wonder Woman
Lynda Carter
Wonder Bread


Flickr user mleak stands next to her full-size sculpture of Wonder Woman, made from 11 (only 11?) bags of Wonder Bread. Slightly less hot than Lynda Carter… slightly. ComicsAlliance reports:

Somewhere on the grain-based Earth-9, the rolls and croissants of Breadmerica cried out for a vitamin-enriched warrior of peace and “Wonder?Ǭ

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