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Depressing photos of an aging mall devoid of shoppers during the holidays
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The only two
The only two “shoppers” at the Century III, November 29th, 2015
Editor and former photographer for her high school newspaper and yearbook, Meg Stefanac took a trip back in time just before Christmas last year and paid a visit to a mall where she and her friends spent countless hours, the Century III Mall in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. As it turns out, Stefanac was one of only a scant few people traipsing around Century III on Sunday, November 29th. Luckily, she took her camera with her and captured some pretty depressing shots of the mall that hasn’t changed much since it opened back in 1979.
The deserted Century III mall carousel
The empty food court at the Century III mall
The empty food court at the Century III Mall
Stefanac’s photos remind me of the Sherman Oaks Galleria from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, only without Damone trying his best moves on a cardboard version of Debbie Harry and without PEOPLE. Here’s Stefanac’s recollections of Century III, which sound pretty much like my own memories of being an 80s mall-rat:

This was THE place to be for those living in the South Hills of Pittsburgh in the 80s. We pitied those who had to live their lives without such a mall nearby. It was always crowded and bustling, and it was frequently difficult to quickly work your way across as you navigated through a sea of neon clothing and big hair held firmly in place with Aqua Net.

The saddest arcade in America in the Century III Mall
The saddest arcade in America in the Century III Mall
The wide open spaces of the Century III Mall, November 29th, 2014
Sometimes if I close my eyes and listen to Winger, I can smell the ooze of the fabled Aqua Net Pink Can wafting a hole through the ozone. I don’t miss those days. Much.

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An abandoned shopping mall full of fish

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An abandoned shopping mall full of fish
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I’m a sucker for these nature takes over man-made monstrosities themed photo essays. Thousands of fish have taken over the now derelict New World Mall in Bangkok. The onetime Thai shopping emporium was shut down in 1997 due to building code violations and a massive fire that destroyed its roof. Apparently rainwater slowly filled the abandoned building and caused a major mosquito outbreak in the area. It was a bad enough problem that in an effort to stop the mosquitos, locals introduced freshwater fish to the abandoned mall to eat the insects.

I guess it worked like a charm, because now mall is alive and kicking with thousands of thriving fish. I like that idea. Shops around the mall even sell fish food to tourists or the curious.






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