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Lux Interior and Ivy Rorschach’s McDonald’s job applications
11:45 am


Lux Interior
Ivy Rorschach

“Don’t forget Ronald McDonald is John Wayne Gacy.”

Click on the application for a bigger image and more.

Via Plazm.

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The Original Ronald McDonald or The Joker?

This is some scary shit. If I was confronted with an evil-looking clown like this creepy-looking, hamburger-obsessed motherfucker wanting to sell me some processed meat products when I was a child, I think it would have changed the course of my life and not for the better.

The original Ronald McDonald was really the John Wayne Gacy of corporate mascots, wasn’t he?

In retrospect, viewing this commercial, the entire history and worldwide growth trajectory of the McDonalds multi-national corporation appears to be a massive global conspiracy to cause severe obesity in the population, and making billions of dollars in the process. What if???

P.S. If it’s not obvious, Ronald is played here by future Today Show weatherman Willard Scott. I can never look at him the same way ever again… THIS is where evil dwells!

P.P.S. Something else occurred to me and that is that playing Ronald McDonald might be a great second act for hapless former CNN reporter Rick Sanchez…

Via Slate/Exile on Moan Street

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The Fuego This Time: The Rise of Colombia’s Bomba Estereo & Worldwide Tropical Bass

Bogota duo Bomba Estereo started out in 2005 comprised of multi-instrumentalist/producer Simón Mejía and singer Liliana Saumet. As the infectious “nu-cumbia” sound started making waves around that time, groups like B.E. have become its young, largely educated face. They’ve become a full band that’s currently on worldwide tour.

As shown by clip #2, the tropical bass scenes currently burgeoning throughout West African and Latin America (along with their European diasporas) are not going unnoticed by global marketing agencies.



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Visualized Map of the Nearest McDonalds
08:17 am

Current Events




Frightening!  Stephen Von Worley says, “As I hurtled down the highway, a pair of golden arches crept over the horizon, and the proverbial lightbulb smacked me in the forehead.  To gauge the creep of cookie-cutter commercialism, there?

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