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Visualizing the actual amount of sugar in drinks
12:37 pm


Mountain Dew mouth

Not sure who made this, but it’s a great way to visualize the actual amount sugar that’s in some of your favorite drinks.

Can you say “Mountain Dew mouth”? Yuck!

Via Neatorama

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‘Mountain Dew Mouth’: How soft drink consumption affects your teeth
01:42 pm

Current Events

Mountain Dew mouth
Soda pop

Yesterday I posted an infographic of the effects of soda pop consumption on the human body. One of our readers sent in these photos that are allegedly of a die-hard and life-long Mountain Dew drinker.

Here’s what he says:

“If you’ve never seen what pop can do to teeth, here’s some (kind of blurry) photos of “Mountain Dew mouth,” taken by my girlfriend of an acquaintance. The fella pictured was not yet thirty at the time, and soon after had all his teeth removed.”

Of course this could also be what happens when you drink soda ll the livelong day and NEVER BRUSH YOUR TEETH, but what do I know?

Thanks, Lepus Rex!

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