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Frank Zappa: ‘New York & Elsewhere’ full documentary from 1980

Frank Zappa: New York & Elsewhere is an Austrian produced TV documentary directed in 1980 by Rudolph Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher, aka DoRo productions, who are best known for their work with Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Frank Zappa: New York & Elsewhere consists of interviews with Zappa intercut with performances at New York’s Mudd Club and at Upper Darby’s Tower Theater, in Pennsylvania, from May 1980.

The picture quality is poor but the sound is okay, and is not covered with German voice-over. Tracks include “Mudd Club,” “Beauty Feels No Pain,” “Chunga’s Revenge.”



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Frank Zappa performing at The Mudd Club in 1980
02:50 pm

Pop Culture

Frank Zappa
Mudd Club

The Mudd Club (did I fuck anybody in this picture?)
Frank Zappa performing at New York City’s Mudd Club in May of 1980. From the German documentary Ein Leben als Extravaganza - Das Genie Frank Zappa.

This clip includes a brief interview with Mudd Club owner Steve Maas.

The video quality ain’t great, but it’s rare and and I know of no better quality copies anywhere.

I basically stopped listening to Zappa after the first couple of Mothers albums. But, as someone who spent many nights at The Mudd Club, I consider this a worthy contribution to the history of New York’s downtown music scene.

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