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It’s not easy being David Byrne: Kermit the Frog covers ‘Once in a Lifetime’

Here’s Kermit the Frog covering “Once in a Lifetime,” wearing the David Byrne oversized suit from Stop Making Sense and faithfully reproducing Byrne’s spastic movements from the video.

I can’t decide if Kermit’s endlessly reasonable (never truly frantic) voice actually fits this material—does it matter?—but it’s a hoot either way. This appeared on Muppets Tonight in 1996, and the voice of Kermit is provided by Steve Whitmire in this instance.

And it leads into a perfect Statler & Waldorf parting shot. Of course! 



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Ultra-hip TV: Prince’s 1997 appearance on ‘Muppets Tonight’
04:33 pm


Muppets Tonight

Prince seems right home in this episode of the Muppets Tonight TV show which aired in 1997.

Things get positively psychedelic as the Purple One sings “Starfish And Coffee” and “She Gave Her Angels.”

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