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Ask A Grown Man: Radiohead’s Thom Yorke gives advice to teenage girls, is surprisingly uncreepy
02:07 pm

Pop Culture

Thom Yorke
Nigel Godrich

Illustration by Séamus Gallagher
I thought Ira Glass giving love advice was the cutest thing on Rookie, a frank website by and for teen girls. However, Thom Yorke (alongside producer Nigel Godrich) answering questions about debilitating shyness has completely lapped him (Of course he’s answering questions about debilitating shyness—they really cater the questions to the guests!)

All very sound, reassuring advice, without condescending to the kids, although I have to wonder if the summary would have highlighted their new project, Atoms For Peace, if this weren’t aimed at young teens—I’m pretty sure they could have put “Radiohead frontman” and the girls would have gotten the reference just fine.

Via Rookie

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